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Celebrate Wear it Purple Day 2020

Show your true colours in support of Wear it Purple Day, a celebration of LGBTIQA+ young people and an opportunity to send a powerful message of inclusion and support to VU staff and students. 

In an effort to prevent the bullying and harassment of young rainbow people, Wear it Purple Day was founded in 2010 to help make teenagers who have experienced trauma feel less alone. Now the movement takes place across the globe, sending a united message of acceptance and a defiant commitment to create effective change for LGBTIQA+ people and all minority groups.

Each year people wear purple to support the movement and to acknowledge rainbow young people and their experiences. VU will be a part of a Victoria-wide event hosted by a number of universities to celebrate the day.

The Wear it Purple Day principles are:

  • Advocate for and empower rainbow young people.
  • Celebrate and promote the value of diversity and inclusion in all community setting.
  • Raise awareness about sexuality, sex and gender identity and challenge harmful social cultures.
  • Champion rainbow role-models to help young people establish the confidence to be who they are.

This year’s theme for Wear it Purple Day is ‘We are the Change!’ Consider being more active in that change and make a lasting impact by becoming part of VU’s Ally Network. Ally members are staff who meet regularly to develop actions, influence policies and be proud allies to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and gender-diverse community.

All this week people at Victoria University have collaborated to host a series of virtual events to bring awareness to young rainbow people and to empower and advocate for their equality and wellbeing. Teams involved in these events include Diversity and Inclusion, Student Life, the VU Student Union and the VU Queer Collective.

There’s still time to take part and if you’re serious about winning a prize, don’t hold back in the Wear it Purple Selfie Competition.

And if Zoom meetings (“Jason, you’re on mute - again”) are driving you mad, take out your frustrations and show off your dance moves at the Wear it Purple Zoom Dance Party.

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