Claire Brown questions ATAR's equity

Claire Brown, Associate Director of The Victoria Institute has questioned if ATAR is a robust and equitable measure for determining university access, in an article published on 'The Conversation'.

In Claire's article 'ATARs - you may as well use postcodes for university admissions', she argues that ATAR is a blunt instrument for selecting students who are offered places at university. It often reflects a student's socio-economic background rather than their true potential.

She believes that schools and universities need to work together in more effective ways to better prepare students for future studies. This will ensure that all students have the potential to apply for, enter and succeed at university.

Read the full article, or read other articles by Claire Brown such as, 'University standards at risk from Group of Eight elitism, not students with low ATARs' and 'Does My University make the grade?'.

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