Book examines art and social justice

Creating inclusive knowledges (book cover) - edited by Christopher C. Sonn and Alison Baker-Lewton
Collection examines social justice through art

A new book edited by VU researchers Christopher Sonn and Alison Baker-Lewton explores the connections between art, culture and social inclusion.

Produced by leading social-science publisher Routledge, Creating Inclusive Knowledges investigates how the arts and cultural practice can help engage the marginalised, oppressed or socially excluded.

The collection of works from 11 researchers and educators from various disciplines, originally published as a special issue of the International Journal of Inclusive Education, examines how the practise and products of community arts can be a powerful pedagogical tools for engaging in social justice.

Dr Christopher Sonn is an Associate Professor in Community Psychology who teaches in areas of community, cultural and liberation psychology. A major focus of his research is on understanding non-dominant group responses to oppression, including racism.

Dr Alison Baker-Lewton is a Senior Lecturer in Social Pedagogy in the VU's education courses. Her research aims to understand how inequality impacts young people from marginalised backgrounds, focusing on social identities, sense of belonging and socio-political development.

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