2015 Diamond series: Education conversations in the community

The Diamond Series: Education conversations in the community is a series of seminars hosted by the College of Education.

It provides students, teachers and the wider community the opportunity to learn about the latest topics and research in education.


More information about each presentation will be added as it becomes available.

Celebrating our 30 years of teacher education
Presented by Dr Neil Hooley (26 March, Footscray Park campus)

Remaking education from below: Learning from the Chilean student movement
Presented by Dr Jo Williams (30 April, AMES, Footscray)

Educational exclusion – a hard habit to break
Presented by Professor Roger Slee (28 May, Malthouse Theatre, South Melbourne)

Celebrating our 30 years of undergraduate and postgraduate teacher education
Presented by 100 Story Building (2 July, 100 Story Building, Footscray)

Successful local learning systems: What policy changes are needed?
Presented by Dr Sara Glover (30 July, VU at MetroWest, Footscray)

Living and working in Footscray
Presented by Dr Marg Malloch (27 August, VU at MetroWest, Footscray)

Artist-teachers, teacher-artists and the fluid field of arts education: Drawing on the ways these educators engage and work in learning sites
Presented by Dr Mark Selkrig (10 September, Footscray Community Arts Centre, Footscray)

Stories we tell ourselves about teaching and learning mathematics
Presented by Professor Pat Drake (29 October, Scienceworks, Spotswood)

Joining our own dots
Professor Tarquam McKenna and Dr Caitlin Street (26 November, Malthouse Theatre, South Melbourne)

Celebrating our 30 years of teacher education: Where are the graduates now?
(10 December, Footscray Park Campus)

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Registration is now closed for the 2015 Diamond Series. 

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