Victoria University (VU) has been featured in Tourism Excellence magazine for responding to Victoria's needs in the hospitality, tourism and events sector through the launch of the new School for the Visitor Economy.

Tourism is a booming industry in Victoria and is important for the local and national economy. VU has responded to the staff and skills gap that exists in this industry, through the launch of its new School for the Visitor Economy.

The School is a cross-university school that provides the hospitality and tourism industries with qualified professionals. It is led by an industry-sponsored professor and delivers industry-based programs across all qualification levels, from pre-vocational certificates through to PhDs.

Grant Dreher, Vice President, Victoria University Polytechnic said, "the School for the Visitor Economy is a vital initiative supporting the state government’s commitment to growing the visitor economy and increasing tourism-based employment."

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Tourism Excellence magazine article is behind a paywall. PDF reproduced with permission.