Victoria University (VU) has joined forces with Sports Environment Alliance (SEA) to help make a difference to our planet through sport. As a burgeoning global leader, SEA believes that sport can “do more {for the world} with less {footprint}”.

SEA is a charity with a single aim, to protect and enhance the natural environment of Australasia by promoting sustainability, sustainable development, and regeneration by:

  • educating the general public through mass engaging cultural levers, namely, the sport community and industry
  • encouraging climate action through mitigation and adaptation, sharing resources and undertaking related projects and programs
  • engaging all communities in the ideals, values, and vision SEA to protect a clean future through present action.

SEA’s mission is to lead, educate, and inspire sport community members to learn, share, and act for a more sustainable and regenerative Australasia. This philosophy is shared by Victoria University, a tertiary institution which recognises the significant role sport has to play in planetary health.

As a dual-sector institution with a whole-of-institution commitment to planetary health, VU is guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and is committed to making a beneficial contribution to place-based planetary health initiatives through research, teaching and learning, and through the way the University works and engages with the west of Melbourne, and each other.

VU’s Planetary Health challenges researchers, teachers, students and staff to find sustainable solutions to issues impacting the wellbeing of people, communities, Country, and environment, recognising that the wellbeing of all is dependent on the wellbeing of our planet. We prioritise solutions that are locally anchored or ‘place-based’ to ensure sustainability.

To contribute to future-proofing sustainable sport, VU has set strategic priority to “build a more active Australia, achieving sporting excellence, safeguarding the integrity of sport and strengthening the national and global sport industry”. Four central themes define our contributions (1) Sport for Innovation, (2) Sport for Inspiration, (3) Sport for Community Cohesion, and (4) Sport for Social Change.

The relationship will play a valuable role in supporting sports to advance the global agenda for planetary health and sustainable practices. Co-designed research and teaching programs addressing the priorities and challenges of industry, community and government will be the basis of VU’s valued contribution to sport advancing the global agenda for planetary health and sustainable development practices. As a SEA partner, VU can offer its sport expertise and commitment to research with impact, to help turn new ideas into world-leading, evidence-informed practices for sport at all levels.

VU’s extensive 200+ network of sport organisations and affiliates, and our strong engagement and commitment to serving communities in the west of Melbourne, can connect and amplify SEA members’ journeys in protecting the places where we play for generations to come through education, linking them to the wider sport and planet community, and celebrating their good {planet} leadership and actions.

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