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VU brimming with health in Brimbank

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16 February 2009

VU brimming with health in Brimbank

Victoria University is to hold a 10-week health promotion and community education program for Brimbank residents interested in improving their health. The Community Health Information Collaboration program will run on Friday afternoons and started on February 13 at the University's St Albans Campus.

VU PhD student Vicky Totikidis is conducting the Community Health Information Collaboration program with the University's Wellness Promotion Unit, and she is encouraging residents to participate - especially those from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Participants in the program will learn more about health issues such as:

  • How to improve or maintain health and prevent disease;
  • How to promote health in the local community;
  • The health status and the most common causes of illness, disability and death in Australia, Victoria and local community; and
  • Which age groups, sex and communities are the worst off in terms of their health.

Vicky says: "The first session will involve meeting other community members in the group and introducing our interests in health. An overview of the project will be provided, including the new CHIC website. And some of my favourite health websites/topics will be explored -including Body Mass Index and fruit and veggie calculators, personalised healthy food pyramids, healthy living calendar, world's healthiest foods and healthy recipe sites."

"The second session will be a presentation about the Community Health Evidence Base (CHEB) resource, which is an informative summary of public health issues and health statistics in Australia, Victoria and Victorian communities. Issues such as life expectancy, causes of death and illness and differences in health outcomes due to factors such as age, gender and geographical location are presented."

"The third session will be about 'Thinking about health in our community', focussing on the Brimbank community and discussing some of the local community health issues.

"Session 4 will be a brainstorm about actions that can be undertaken to improve health in our community. Session 5 will be developing an action plant, and Session 6 through 9 with be actioning our plans."

"The final session will; be a reflection and evaluation about our experience and opinions of the program and a celebration of our achievements."

VU's Associate Professor Jenny Sharples is Vicky's supervisor for this project.

What: Community Health Information Collaboration
When: Friday afternoons for 10 weeks, starting 13 February
Time: 1 - 3pm
Where: Victoria University, St Albans Campus 

Bookings are required.
Contact: Vicky Totikidis
Phone: +61 3 9366 9399
Mobile: 0421 529 566
Email: [email protected]

Media Contact: Andy Gash, A/Media Manager
Marketing and Communications Department, Victoria University
Phone: +61 3 9919 4950
Mobile: 0411 255 900

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