Victoria University’s New Way To Do Uni is on the global stage again, this time for excellence in the use of a student-focused learning management system (LMS) that supports VU’s ‘Block Model’ of teaching and learning.

VU will receive a D2L Excellence Award in the USA today, which recognises educators, trainers and leaders who use the ‘Brightspace’ LMs platform to produce learning experiences that are innovative, collaborative, or make an extraordinary impact on learning.

VU has customised and automated the Brightspace LMS as part of its revolutionary overhaul of course delivery to maximise the student experience and reduce administrative tasks.

This means students can access their study materials in advance of classes and monitor their progress through learning analytics, while educators can return assessments within days of completion instead of the normal weeks since all grading takes place within Brightspace.

Award recognises hard work across VU

Associate Director of Digital Learning Environments Michael Sturmey said the award recognises not just the expertise of VU’s Connected Learning and ITS eLearning teams, but the hard work of academic and administrative staff across the University.

“Together we’ve maximised the potential of the Brightspace LMS to improve the student learning experience while streamlining administrative tasks in a way not seen at other universities.”

VU’s Australian-first Block Model has students completing single units over three weeks instead of juggling up to four units at once over 12 weeks. Introduced in 2018, the Block Model will be rolled out across all levels and areas of the University by 2022.

Mr Sturmey said switching to the Block Model and re-examining VU’s student learning environments also presented VU with the opportunity to consolidate its student support mobile phone apps into a single “super app.”

Victoria University App  was launched earlier this year as a handy portal for students to access all essential digital systems on their mobiles, including timetables, campus maps, course content, grades and more.

The VU App recently received a Good Design Award in Australia’s oldest and most prestigious design awards, while its talented student-led design team was recognised with a LearnX Award for the project’s significant impact on empowering students and staff.

D2L technology is used by more than 1100 clients and 15 million learners in higher education, schools, healthcare, government and enterprise sectors.

Trish Mccluskey, Director of VU Connected Learning, is available for comment.

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