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Students at Spring Street

Over the next two days (28 February and 1 March) students from Victoria University will become the first to study at Victoria’s State Parliament as part of their curriculum.

Groups of Law and Justice students will meet with officials and have unprecedented access to the hallowed halls of Parliament to demystify the legislative process, discover how laws are passed through both Houses, and explore the role of parliamentary committees.

This new and unique collaboration between Victoria University and Victoria’s State Parliament, with input from the Department of Premier and Cabinet, confirms the university’s commitment to a bold and innovative approach to teaching and learning for Higher Education students beginning their first year of studies.

First Year Model Lecturer Kathleen Raponi says, “This is much more than a tour of Parliament – this is a remarkable opportunity for Law and Justice students to get a behind-the-scenes look at complex legal processes and how our State is managed. For many of these students, Parliament is that imposing building at the top of Collins Street where people pose for wedding photos. Now these students have exclusive access to officials and key parliamentary people who can help bring the Law and Justice curriculum alive.”

Clerk of the Legislative Council Andrew Young and Clerk of the Legislative Assembly Bridget Noonan, who will help deliver the lectures, say, “The Parliament is really pleased that Victoria University has recognised the importance of students understanding how laws come about, not just learning the established law.  The students will gain an understanding of Cabinet processes, bills in the Parliament, and parliamentary committee inquiries direct from people involved in those processes.”

First Year Model is all about delivering an enhanced undergraduate experience for VU students, while continuing to provide outstanding opportunities to any student from any background and to uplift the communities in which we operate, most especially the west of Melbourne. The introduction of the First Year Model seeks to take this commitment to the next level.

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