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Overcoming income inequality

Leading researchers from Victoria University and the University of Melbourne are today examining the growing gap between rich and poor as part of the Melbourne Economic Forum.

Melbourne Economic Forum is held several times a year and features the most influential policy thinkers from the two universities, along with representatives from private and public institutions, who discuss, debate and question government policy-making.

This Forum features current research and expertise relating to economic disparities in Australia.

Presenters include:

  • Dr Janine Dixon, Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University, presenting modelling around recent changes in the job market
  • Dr Nhi Tran, Centre of Policy Studies, Victoria University, exploring how technological change has favoured some occupations over others
  • Professor Guyonne Kalb, Melbourne Institute, Applied Economic and Social Research, presenting comparative research on a range of alternative poverty measures for Australia
  • Dr Krishna Kumar, RAND Corporation, discussing a model that integrates childhood investments with labour-market participation and outcomes to understand how economic disparities evolve.

Dr Janine Dixon is available for comment.

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