From the best way to take notes, to effective relaxation techniques, why ‘you are not your ATAR’, and why cramming is a bad idea, Victoria University experts are ready to share their research findings and expertise to help ease pre-exam nerves.

Claire Brown, Associate Director, Victoria Institute

Claire’s work focuses on: Exam preparation, study skills, and why cramming doesn’t work.

Research shows we overestimate our ability to remember information and underestimate the importance of actively learning information. Students will often say they don’t need to take notes because they have great memories. Research suggests we assume we’ll remember things forever as well as we do now (we won’t). We underestimate our need to learn and relearn information to be able to recall it when we need it.”

Dr Michaela Pascoe, Institute for Health & Sport

Michaela’s work focuses on: Mindfulness and how physical activity can have a positive impact on the mental health of young people, and why schools should consider adding yoga to the curriculum.

“We know that stress has a big impact on students, particularly around exam time. Stressed out students are likely to be less engaged with study and suffer from a lack of motivation, which can have a negative impact on their grades. Stress can also have a serious impact on students’ mental health and lead to lasting issues in adulthood.”

Naomi Dempsey, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students)

Naomi’s work focuses on: Life after VCE, making a ‘Plan B’ for tertiary education, and the importance of keeping ATAR in perspective.

Naomi’s role includes shaping the future design of the VU student experience as defined by The VU Way to provide a high quality, contemporary student experience that goes beyond the formal learning experience. Naomi leads the enhancement of student learning and related outcomes for both higher education qualifications and those gained through VU Polytechnic across the Students Portfolio.

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