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Expert comment on election predictions and polling irregularities

The result of the Federal Election remains in the balance and numbers have never been more important to deciding which party will govern the country, and with whose support.

Professor John Zeleznikow, from Victoria University, has a PHD in mathematics and has been building election prediction systems since 1972. His systems have consistently followed the trends of public voting in State and Federal politics.

Professor Zeleznikow can provide expert comment on probable outcomes of the current stalemate and its uniqueness in political history. He also states that polling during election campaigns is "inexact and the inferences are poor".

"Most of the polls, especially Newspoll, are being used inappropriately,'' Professor Zeleznikow said.

"The Galaxy poll was wrongly interpreted on Wednesday and most importantly, it was polling that led Labour to remove Kevin Rudd.

"The only useful polls are exit polls - but even they have their problems.''

Professor Zeleznikow is an experienced media commentator on television, radio and in print. He is available for interview on 0432 154 217.

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