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Expert comment: can you make yourself luckier?

The Spring Racing Carnival is here, and the thud of hooves brings out the amateur punter hoping for a return on their annual Melbourne Cup bet.

Millions of dollars are gambled on Melbourne Cup Day across the nation, but what are your actual chances of winning … anything?

Is it all down to luck?

What is luck? Can you make yourself luckier?

Victoria University’s Dr Keis Ohtsuka is available to explain luck, chance and why we believe we can win.

Dr Ohtsuka is a social psychologist studying gambling behaviour and cognition with a special interest in culture and gambling, gambling-related beliefs and superstition.

Dr Ohtsuka can comment on the following:

  • Cultural beliefs associated with gambling/luck
  • Superstition and gambling, why do we believe in superstitions? What are they?
  • Why do gamblers develop the illusion of control and over-estimate their ability to control random events?
  • What is luck? Can you make yourself luckier?

Dr Ohtsuka is a senior Lecturer in psychology in the College of Arts at Victoria University, and an Honorary Research Fellow in the China Centre for Lottery Studies at Peking University.

He is editor-in-chief of Asian Journal of Gambling Issues and Public Health, and a member of the National Association for Gambling Studies (Australia).


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