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Business futurist first series speaker

A business futurist has predicted the death of email and websites, and the explosion of "augmented mobile realities" at the first of Victoria University's Business Breakfast Club series.

Morris Miselowski, a successful entrepreneur who has spent 30 years in business and strategic future forecasting, said that 100 years of technology will be packed into the next 10 years.

Technologies such as "augmented mobile realities" – a new mass media that combines the real world with digital information – will be commonplace in the next few years, he said.

"We will soon be able to turn our smart phones into binoculars that see the price of houses for sale, restaurant menus, and tourist information as digital information is layered on top of reality," he said.

The Business Breakfast Club Series takes place at the University's City Flinders Campus. It is designed for people wanting to kick-start their own business or improve their understanding of emerging business trends.

All money raised from the series goes to supporting the University's Achievement Scholarships. Each year, VU provides two scholarships for every secondary school in the western region.

The series' host is David Southwick, entrepreneur, and Liberal Member of Parliament for the Victorian seat of Caulfield. Southwick has founded many successful businesses operations, taught innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing at a tertiary level, and advised major international corporations on marketing and strategy. 

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