• 27 September 2021, 10:00am to 1 October 2021, 1:30pm

In this year of adapting to COVID-19 restrictions, the biennial conference by the National University of Timor Lorosa’e (UNTL) and Victoria University will be online.

The webinar series, Higher Education adapting to the COVID era, will provide continuity to the UNTL – VU relationship and generate broad debate on five key issues within higher education which have been made more critical by COVID.

These webinars will address the following questions:

  • What educational resources are needed for quality teaching and learning?
  • How can technologies, including mobile phones, be used for off-campus teaching?
  • How can a university teach community development and the relevance of CD skills?
  • How can universities promote gender equality and make campuses safe?
  • How can education support public health priorities in the COVID era?



Time: 9-10am TLT, 10-11am AEST

  1. Welcome and introduction. Professor João Soares Martins, Rector of UNTL. Plans for Restructuring UNTL (10 mins)
  2. Introduction by Professor Adam Shoemaker, Vice-Chancellor of VU. Restructure of VU and the Planetary Health Approach (10 mins)
  3. Address by Minister of Higher Education, Science and Culture (HESC), Longuinhos dos Santos (5 mins)
  4. Presentation of the webinar program – Dr Jean McLean (5 mins)

Resources for teaching & learning

What educational resources are needed for quality teaching and learning?
Chair: Dulce Soares, Former Minister of Education
Time: 10am-12pm TLT, 11am-1pm AEST

  1. Learning beyond the classroom setting – Prof. Elvis Brites da Cruz, Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs, Faculty of Education UNTL
  2. Student centred teaching and resources – Dr Peter Thomas, Senior Lecturer, College of Education, VU
  3. Strengthening libraries and librarian training – Margarida Mesquita, President, Timor-Leste Library Association.
  4. Establishing the Timor-Leste Collection at VU library, Jennifer Murphy, VU Library.

Technologies for distance learning

How technologies, including mobile phones, can be used for off-campus teaching?
Workshop facilitator: Ligia Yap, VU
Time: 10am-12pm TLT, 11am-1pm AEST

  1. Using mobile phones for teaching and learning at VU-Online – Prof Chris Walsh & Ana Yap
  2. Using technologies for teaching off-campus at UNTL:
    • Dr Apolinario Magno, Director, Advanced Training Centre, UNTL
    • Dr Geiza d’Oliveira, Adviser, Teacher Training Department, Faculty of Education
    • Dr Elvis Brites da Cruz, Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs, Faculty of Education
    • Dr Theresa Tam, Lecturer, Community Development, Faculty of Social Science

Learning community development

How can a university teach community development skills?
Chair: Jeannie Rea, VU
Time: 10am-12pm TLT, 11am-1pm AEST

  1. Learning from exchanges and other UNTL-VU collaborations in Community Development – Dr Helen Hill
  2. Community based Empowerment: the case of Suco Biqueli-Ataúroi – Dr Zacarias Costa, CD lecturer, UNTL
  3. Fieldwork Practice and Research – Dr Charles Mphande, CD Lecturer, VU
  4. The value of a masters degree in community development – perspectives of student candidates and civil servants – Dr Therese Tam, CD Lecturer, UNTL

Towards gender equality on & off campus

Can UNTL promote gender equality and make the campuses safe?
Chair: Filomena dos Reis, Peace Activist
Time: 10am-12pm TLT, 11am-1pm AEST

  1. Gender development at UNTL – Dr Judit Dias Ximenes, Advisor on Gender, Office of Gender Issues and Political Affairs.
  2. Responding to violence against women and children, a curriculum for health students – Dr Lidia Gomes, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
  3. Establishing VU’s Respect and Responsibility program – Marian Cronin, Associate Director, Inclusion and Engagement, VU.
  4. The need for young peoples’ voice in decision-making: reflections from the UNTL-VU 2019 conference – Elsa Pinto, Researcher, Peace Centre, UNTL.

Education for Health & Wellbeing

How can education support the public health priorities post-COVID?
Chair: Ego Lemos, Permatil
Time: 9-10am TLT, 10am-11am AEST

  1. Lessons and priorities for a healthy population in the Covid era - Prof. João Soares Martins
  2. Consolidating Nutrition Efforts in Timor-Leste – José Mosaco, Health and Nutrition Consultant
  3. Community program for health and nutrition - Rosaria Martins da Cruz, Director of HIAM Health
  4. Educating for a Healthy Planet – Dianne Stevens, Course Chair, Public Health, VU

Concluding session

Chair: Dr Ann Wigglesworth
Time: 11am-12.30pm TLT, 12-1.30pm AEST

  • Report back from five seminar rapporteurs with recommendations
  • A response from Steve Bracks, Chancellor of VU
  • A response from Dr Lidia Gomes, ProRector of Cooperation UNTL
  • Responses and questions from the audience
  • Next steps, Voz Timor magazine and the next conference – Jeannie Rea, VU Chair of Timor-Leste Reference Group, VU (5 mins)
  • Final statement from Prof. João Soares Martins, Rector


Katrina Langford, TimorLink
Kirsty Sword Gusmão


Elizabeth Baptista, Resources for Teaching and Learning
Lemi Soares, Technologies for Distance Teaching
João Carlos, Leaning Community Development
Dulcy Soares, Towards Gender Equality on and off Campus
Paulino Pinto, Education for Health and Nutrition

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