• 6 August 2019, 12:00pm to 5 September 2019, 1:00pm
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Free event

If you are new to the Library and not sure where to start, come along to a VU Library Start session.

This is a short session to help you find the Library service or resource you require for being successful at university.

VU Library Start will provide:

  • introduction to VU library systems – MyLibrary account, placing a hold on a book, and printing
  • print and online resource strategies – for finding what you need in VU Library 

Book a session

To book a session

  1. log in to the online Learning Hub
  2. click on the tab called 'Workshops'
  3. search for VU Library Start or select ‘Literacy’ as the type of workshop

Times & locations

Sessions are offered at the following locations:

City Flinders Library   

  • Tuesday 6 August, 12noon–12.30pm, Room 1501  
  • Tuesday 3 September, 12noon–12.30pm, Room 1501                 

City Queen campus

  • Tuesday 6 August, 12.30pm–1pm, Level 3 PC Lab
  • Tuesday 3 September, 12.30pm–1pm, Level 3 PC Lab

Footscray Nicholson Library

  • Thursday 8 August, 12.30pm–1pm, Room T235 
  • Thursday 5 September, 12.30pm–1pm, Room T235                                    

Footscray Park Library

  • Wednesday 7 August, 11.30am–12noon, Room P302    
  • Wednesday 4 September, 11.30am–12noon, Room P213    

St Albans Library

  • Wednesday 7 August, 12.30pm–1pm, Room 7.201M  
  • Wednesday 4 September, 12.30pm–1pm, Room 7.201M  

Werribee Library

  • Wednesday 7 August, 12.30pm–1pm, Room 1A108B  
  • Wednesday 4 September, 12.30pm–1pm, Room 1A108B

Earn a badge

To earn a badge

  1. attend your session and scan a QR code at the end of the session
  2. log in Victoria University App to access your Learning Hub account 
  3. validate against ‘Literacy’ and earn a badge for your newly acquired skill

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