• 28 September 2020, 9:00am to 8 November 2020, 5:00pm
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Welcome to The Outfield, a free 6-week initiative for all male Victoria University (VU) students with structured engagement opportunities offered online.

The Outfield program is funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fees (SSAF) and facilitated by VU Sport staff. It provides opportunities for male students to shift repetitive routines, and address feelings of social isolation and loneliness associated with COVID-19 through structured activities in a weekly timetable.

About the program

The Outfield is a place for male students to come together and bring into focus alternative means of connection, self-improvement and a celebration of one other regardless of background or circumstance. The Outfield aims to give every male student the opportunity to have a voice and be heard. This is especially true for those who may not live life as the ‘front man’ but still contribute to our community as the unsung hero, just like the outfield players.

The program runs for six weeks from Monday 28 September. Each week, participants will be encouraged to take part in a schedule of activities that enhance engagement, recognise and celebrate differences, challenge status quo and encourage learning. Guest speakers will feature throughout the program, sharing their successes, challenges, motivations and aspirations.

What we value

  • Connection – engaging with peers and establishing new networks. We will do this through platforms of honest conversation, showing and sharing our passions or achievements to our peers, and participating in activities that challenge, uplift and support one another.
  • Self-improvement – finding new ways to do and be better. We will provide a safe space to be challenged, push boundaries and embrace vulnerabilities.
  • Respect – through compassion, kindness and humility. We will embrace difference and provide a welcoming field for all.

Join The Outfield

To register, please complete our online registration form.

The first 50 registrations will receive a special edition Outfield t-shirt.

Event schedule

Show & share, Monday 3–4pm

Kicking off the week, show and share the projects you’ve been working on. Anything from timber and trade, garden and landscaping, cooking, art, music or your own craft. We want you to show and share what you are proud of, how you did it, what items were needed etc. This is the perfect platform to learn new skills, activities, exchange tips and tricks and try new things.

‘You can ask that’, Tuesday 3–4pm

Nothing is off limits here. Let’s talk all things taboo, all things that matter. We want to engage in meaningful conversation, talk feelings, talk ideas, talk to each other. Each week will tackle a different theme and questions asked will kick off conversation.

Run club, Wednesday

Join the pack and start running. Whether you’re seasoned, or need some oiling, join our Strava run club and clock up the Ks.

Broga, Thursday 1.30–2.30pm

This yoga isn’t for the faint hearted. Incorporating dynamic moves whilst connecting and unwinding with yourself, this session puts a different spin on your traditional view of yoga.

e-Gaming, Friday 3–4pm

Catering for the desire to connect and chat in a social and engaging environment. eGaming offers an online opportunity to entertain both eSports lovers and the eSports-curious, through a range of games including FIFA, 2K, Rocket League and more.

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Wade Spencer
Sports Officer
VU Sport