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The workshop 'The Language of Academic Integrity' is for students starting or continuing their studies at Victoria University (VU). As you study in the academic environment, it is important to become familiar with Academic Integrity terms and concepts.

In this introductory workshop, you will:

  • learn why academic integrity matters
  • work together on Module 1 of the Academic Integrity modules available in the Learning Hub VU Collaborate space.

Workshop dates

The workshop is offered online:

  • Friday 6 May, 9–9.30am
  • Monday 16 May, 2–2.30pm
  • Thursday 2 June, 1–1.30pm
  • Tuesday 14 June, 10–10.30am.


Book this online workshop via:

  • Learning Hub online (log in, click workshops and search 'The Language of Academic Integrity')
  • VU App on your mobile (find and book sessions in MyVU).


All sessions will be delivered via Zoom through the Learning Hub on VU Collaborate.

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All event dates

  • 6 May 2022, 9:00am to 6 May 2022, 9:30am
  • 16 May 2022, 2:00pm to 16 May 2022, 2:30pm
  • 2 June 2022, 1:00pm to 2 June 2022, 1:30pm
  • 14 June 2022, 10:00am to 14 June 2022, 10:30am

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