The art of academic writing

18 March – 18 April 2024, 4–5pm

These workshops will provide you with an introduction to the essential tools for academic writing at a university level. 

The workshops are split into parts 1 and 2. The first part introduces the art of academic writing, and the second part builds on those skills.

We have many resources to help you on your journey, so come and join us! 

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Part 1 Workshop

In the first workshop we introduce you to the features of academic writing, discuss how to unpack assignment questions, and examine how to approach research and begin planning – everything you need to start improving your writing! 

Dates for Part 1:

  • Mon 18 March 2024, 9–10am
  • Mon 25 March 2024, 4–5pm
  • Wed 3 April 2024, 9–10am
  • Mon 8 April 2024, 9–10am
  • Tue 16 April 2024, 4–5pm.

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Part 2 Workshop

In the second workshop we dig deeper into essay writing and incorporating references to achieve university-standard writing. 

Dates for Part 2:

  • Wed 20 March 2024, 9–10am
  • Wed 27 March 2024, 4–5pm
  • Thurs 4 April 2024, 9–10am
  • Wed 10 April 2024, 9–10am
  • Thurs 18 April 2024, 4–5pm.

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Part 1 & 2 Combined Workshop

Come along to a longer workshop covering it all:

  • Wed 20 March 2024, 2.30–5pm 
  • Wed 10 April 2024, 2.30–5pm.

Two hours, 3pm–5pm

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