• 1 June 2020, 9:00am to 12 June 2020, 5:00pm

Stress Less Fest is moving online to help you de-stress from home.

We have a variety of virtual activities to choose from, including dance sessions, laughter yoga and therapy dogs!

Check out all our activities below and register for the ones you'd like to attend. 

When: 1–11 June

How do you manage stress during exam time? Head over to the Student Life Facebook page and share your tips. The most creative answer will win a Nintendo Switch! 


  • 8am and 12pm, Monday to Friday
  • 5.15pm, Monday to Thursday

Get active by joining this fun 45-minute training session run by a personal trainer.

Each person works at their own pace, making it perfect for beginners through to the advanced, with different progressions available for each exercise. We'll keep you inspired while you are living, studying, and keeping active all in your own home.

When: 1–1.30pm, Wednesday 3 June

Did you know that laughter is the fastest way to connect both sides of the brain, making it easier to retain information?

Join the Student Life team for laughter yoga online – there are no downward dogs or yoga poses – just laughing, rhythmic clapping and intentional breathing to get those happy hormones flowing.

When: 3.30-4.30pm, Friday 5 June

Learn how to disco from the comfort of your kitchen or lounge room.


  • 1-1.30pm, Thursday 4 June
  • 1-1.30pm, Friday 5 June
  • 1-1.30pm, Thursday 11 June
  • 1-1.30pm, Friday 12 June

Join the Student Life team for a meditation, mindfulness and self-care session with therapy dogs!

You will be guided through mindfulness exercises with the help our friendly therapy dogs as a peaceful and positive focal point. 


  • 1–2pm, Tuesday 2 June
  • 1–2pm, Tuesday 9 June

Ever wondered what you'd look like as a cartoon character? Have a caricaturist draw your very own caricature portrait from the comfort of your own home.

When: 2-3pm, Friday 5 June

Take a break from your studies and play some games with the VU Vollies team.

Games include Pictionary (Scribbl.io) and Trivia (Kahoot).

When: 3.30–4.30pm, Tuesday 2 June 

Get career and job ready while you're in lockdown with tips and advice from VU Employ. 

When: 3.30–4.30pm, Tuesday 9 June

Explore your future career in this fun, creative and hands-on workshop where you build with LEGO. Just BYO LEGO, pens and sticky notes!

When: 11-11.30am, Tuesday 9 June

Emails scams are still the number one way people and companies get hacked, but if you learn a couple of steps you can be confident using email safely.

Come along and see if you can truly spot a scam email by playing a game!

When: 1.30–1.45pm daily

VU Elevenses are a part of VU's mental health and wellbeing response to COVID-19. The program focuses on six key lifestyle areas to promote mental health. Join us each day for tips and strategies that can support you to feel your best during this strange time (and into the future). 

Come to one or all of the sessions below:

  • Monday 1 June:
    Risky drinking - have you been drinking more while we've been socially distancing? Learn about the risks of alcohol and strategies to reduce your alcohol intake.
  • Tuesday 2 June:
    Sleep - are you out of your usual sleep routine? Join us to learn key tips and strategies to getting a good night's sleep.
  • Wednesday 3 June:
    Diet - a good diet is important to your physical health, but did you know that it's key to your mental health too? Learn about nutrition and mental health and get tips on healthy eating while you work/study from home.
  • Thursday 4 June:
    Mindfulness - learn how to incorporate a few simple mindfulness strategies to your day to reduce stress.
  • Friday 5 June:
    Physical activity
  • Tuesday 9 June:
    Returning to school - working and studying from home required a lot of adjusting. As we get ready to return to work or school, learn a few ways you can prepare and stay well.
  • Wednesday 10 June:
    Breathing - breathing exercises have been shown to calm the stress response. Join this session to learn an exercise you can easily incorporate into your day.
  • Thursday 11 June:
    Stretch, Aerobic and Strength - even very short 'exercise snacks' can have benefits for our physical and mental health. Join us for a combination of stretching, aerobic and strength training exercises. 

Join VU Counselling for a series of workshops where you will hear from our counsellors about how to understand yourself better, manage thoughts, cope with emotions, and build resilience. You will also get some practical skills and strategies to try out after each session!

Come to one or all of the sessions below.

When: 3-3.30pm, various dates

  • Monday 1 June:
    Self care - practical strategies to look after yourself during difficult times.
  • Wednesday 3 June:
    Self compassion - how to understand self compassion and implement it in your daily life.
  • Friday 5 June:
    Understanding thoughts, feelings and behaviours - an introduction to understanding why you feel the way you do.
  • Tuesday 9 June:
    Unhelpful thinking styles - identifying unhelpful thinking styles and quieten the thinking mind.
  • Thursday 11 June:
    Understanding emotions - learn skills and strategies to cope with emotions in a healthy way.
  • Friday 12 June:
    Ask a psychologist - a Q&A session about therapy, what to expect and how to get support.

If you're feeling stressed and need support, please call VU Counselling on +61 3 9919 5400.

VUSU and Hyde Magazine's Stress Less Colouring Book is filled with beautiful pieces of art for exactly what you need to relax, take your mind away from study and express yourself with colour.


  • 4–5pm, Wednesday 3 June
  • 4–5pm, Wednesday 10 June 

Relax with VUSU and Yogamigos for an hour-long yoga class for self-care and replenishment.

When: 2-4pm, Monday 8 June

Grab your favourite beverage and join VUSU and Port Art for a 'Paint and Sip' class. All art supplies are included, so don't forget to secure your spot!

When: 1–5 June

Get involved with VUSU's scavenger hunt on their Facebook page


  • 1.30-2.30pm, Wednesday 3 June
  • 1.30-2.30pm, Wednesday 10 June

Want to know more about joining or starting a club? Come along to an info and games session to meet club representatives and win some amazing prizes. 

Supporting respectful and equal relationships is very important to our VU community.

If you're taking some time for yourself during Stress Less Fest, check out these new online resources from Respect & Responsibility to learn about consent and respectful relationships.

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