• 6 August 2019, 12:00pm to 8 August 2019, 2:00pm
City Flinders, Footscray Park, St Albans
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Free event

VU Library invites all VU students and staff to a Special Collections Roadshow to view recent materials donated or transferred into Special Collections to support VU research.

The materials on display at the Roadshow have been added to the Special Collections in the last year.


Materials were donated by Emeritus Professors and researchers from VU and the Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs Library.

New in Radical Literature collection

The donation from Emeritus Professor Phillip Deery included materials about the life and work of BA Santamaria. Santamaria who was involved with the Democratic Labor Party (DLP) and was known as an anti-Communist political activist was a research focus of Phillip Deery.

These materials were processed separately as a sub-collection and added to the Radical Literature collection. Items displayed relate to communism, history, the Catholic Church and social justice:

New in Ruth & Maurie Crow collection

The donation from Emeritus Professor Marty Grace who researched in the areas of social work and social welfare consists of some 90 rare or unique items. The items were added to the Ruth & Maurie Crow collection which focuses on social activism in Melbourne. Items displayed cover various topics such as sexual violence, mental health, youth homelessness, women’s employment:

New in the PNG & the Pacific collection

A collection of maps prepared by the U.S. Army and donated to Special Collections are now in the PNG and the Pacific collection, and the maps on display are duplicates:

New home for the Elda Vaccari collection

A collection of 3,570 articles were donated to the Elda Vaccari collection by researchers in the Faculty of Arts at Victoria University and from the Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs Library. The articles were added to the Vaccari collection which focuses on the history and culture of migrants to Australia and some articles included in the Roadshow are:


From time to time, general collections at campus libraries are reviewed and items are considered for transfer into Special Collections. The transfer is based on the collection policy for each collection within Special Collections. Displayed items that are currently being considered for transfer include:

Roadshow locations & times

City Flinders Library, near service desk
Tuesday 6 August, 12noon-2pm

Footscray Park Library, near service desk
Wednesday 7 August, 12noon-2pm

St Albans Library, near service desk
Thursday 8 August, 12noon-2pm


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