• 5 August 2020, 9:30am to 30 November 2020, 5:00pm

While there is no access to Special Collections at Footscray Park campus library, you can still explore books across four collections.

The online exhibition ‘Books in Special Collections’ showcases the range of books and the themes prevailing within each collection.

Collection in focus

Each month, from August to November, books from a specific collection will be on display to highlight particular themes.

Visit the online exhibition each month to discover books from a collection:

  • August: Ruth & Maurie Crow Collection
  • September: PNG and the Pacific collection
  • October: John & Shirley McLaren collection
  • November: The Rationalist collection

Browse through the virtual Special Collections bookshelf to:

  • view book covers and basic information
  • access details in the library catalogue by clicking on the book cover
  • explore a particular book with additional links about the book itself, the author, or the time period in which the book was written.

September: PNG & the Pacific collection

The PNG (Papua New Guinea) and the Pacific collection is a historic collection from the 1960s. It was expanded in 2000s to include material from the greater Pacific and South East Asian regions.

The Collection's strengths are: economics, development and trade, statistical data, governance and administration, language and linguistics, education, culture, society and history.

Discover books from the PNG and the Pacific collection on the following themes:

  • language and culture
  • regional history
  • social structures
  • community and economic development
  • physical spaces and places.

View the books via the virtual Special Collections bookshelf.

August: Ruth & Maurie Crow collection

In August, the online exhibition ‘Books in Special Collections’ showcased books from Ruth & Maurie Crow collection. The display highlighted various themes that reflect the 50 years of political and social activism of Ruth Crow A.M. (1916 - 1999) and Maurie Crow (1915 - 1988) in Melbourne:

  • urban planning
  • women's issues
  • labour economics
  • social issues and services
  • conservation.

If you missed the online exhibition in August, you can explore what’s in the Ruth & Maurie Crow collection. There are digitised documents from the Crow Collection that can be accessed on the VU Research Repository.

While Special Collections at Victoria University are currently closed, you can email the Special Collections Librarians with your questions.

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