• 20 September 2021, 9:00am to 24 September 2021, 5:00pm
Events hosted online

Join us for Multicultural Week 2021. From Monday 20 to Friday 24 September we will be celebrating and learning about different cultures through a variety of workshops and activities for VU Multicultural Week.

Victoria University is an accessible and friendly university. We believe in embracing cultural difference – so we can be ourselves and feel empowered to achieve success.

We are proud to be one of the most culturally diverse universities in Australia.

Our students and staff:

  • represent over 90 different cultures
  • speak over 200 different languages.

There are lots of fun activities taking place throughout the week. You can join as many or as few sessions as you would like.

Watch a sand art representation of our multicultural community commissioned by Victoria University Student Union (VUSU).

When: Monday 20 September at 3-3:30pm AEST.

Hosted by: Victoria University Student Union (VUSU)

Watch a Shadow Art show commissioned by the Victoria University Student Union (VUSU) live on Facebook.

Join your journey as a student in Australia through to your life at Victoria University and beyond.

Experience the diversity, inclusivity, and togetherness of VU!

Watch Launch

When: Monday 20 September 5:30-8pm AEST

Hosted by: VU Student Life & Victoria Business Confucius Institute

Who can participate: Current VU Students

Moon Cake Festival or otherwise known as Mid-Autumn Festival is traditionally celebrated to give thanks to the gods and marks the end of the autumn harvest in East and Southeast Asia. Come along and help join Student Life and the Victoria Business Confucius Institute celebrate the festival!

Each participant will receive all the materials they need to join the session from the comfort of their own home.

Register for Paint and Sip

When: Tuesday 21 September 4-4:45pm AEST

Hosted by: VU Sport

Who can participate: VU Students, Staff and Alumni Community

Registrations open early September

Step into our yoga class and explore yourself in the ancient tradition of connecting the body and mind.

Be aware of the poses that open up that connection and go inward. The hand foot bond to the mat should be all that matters, not the mirror in the room, or the person next to you.

Let go and chant Om – there’s a reason it’s called the eternal sound.

Lose yourself in the history of movement and discover how it makes you feel.

Register for Yoga

When: Wednesday 22 September 5-6pm AEST

Hosted by: Victoria University Student Union (VUSU)

Who can participate: VU Students, Staff and Alumni Community (only current VU students are eligible to win prizes).

Join the Victoria University Student Union (VUSU) for a fun and engaging multicultural trivia night.

Immerse yourself into learning about different cultures and traditions and test your knowledge by competing with other VU students over Zoom.

Prizes available worth over $250.

Register for Multicultural Trivia

When: Thursday 23 September 2-3pm AEST

Hosted by: VU Student Life & Cheiko Hester

Who can participate: VU Students, Staff and Alumni Community (please note only current VU students are eligible for a free Origami kit)

Join Chieko Hester - a Japanese-born, Melbourne based origamist and active participant in the Macedon Ranges art community.

She is excitedly embracing the world of origami and has been exploring different avenues that she can incorporate into her beautiful paper art.

A life-long skill gives her a sound technical background which she has begun to experiment with.

Join us for this session where we get creative and make some Aussie themed Origami.

Each participant will be sent their own Origami pack so they can join the session with all the materials they need!

Register for Origami

When: Thursday 23 September 6-7pm AEST

Hosted by: VU Postgraduate Association

Who can participate: VU Students, Staff and Alumni Community (please note only current VU postgraduate students are eligible to receive a gift voucher).

We are inviting you all to join our Sharing Your Culture event so as to celebrate and preserve our diverse cultures, and to promote inclusion and belonging.

Everyone attending the event will receive a $25 food/grocery voucher so you can cook a meal that represents your culture.

The event will happen online via Zoom.

How to participate?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Register
  2. If you want to participate of our competition, please provide us with a personal picture of a traditional dish from your country or something that represents your culture (picture must not be taken from the internet). Send your picture to [email protected] with your name and student ID by 5pm Monday 20 September.
  3. Participants will vote for the most creative and representative picture and winners will receive a doubled value voucher!

Register for sharing your culture

When: Friday 24 September 6-8pm AEST

Hosted by: VU Christian Union

Who can participate: Current VU Students

The Christian Union Amazing Race is an online race across the world where people will have to work in teams to figure out the answers to clues, solve puzzles and use every ounce of brain power to be the first team to the finish line.

There will be prizes for the group that wins!

Come along and race across the world, looking at different cultures and discovering new places with CU this year.

Register for the Race

When: Monday 20 September – Friday 24 September

Hosted by: VU International Students Association (VU ISA)

Who can participate: Current VU International Students

Have you ever wanted to represent your culture to the wider VU community and win prizes worth over $200?

Here is your chance! Join VU ISA’s multicultural competition to showcase your culture in a way that is most convenient to you; whether it be singing, dancing, playing an instrument, photography or even sharing an artwork, we have got you sorted!

Submissions close 5pm Sunday 19 September and will be posted on the VU ISA Facebook page throughout multicultural week.

Register now via the link below. Terms and conditions apply.

Register for VU ISA multicultural competition

VU is a multicultural university.

We celebrate our diverse student community and encourage you to join one of our cultural clubs.

Currently affiliated VU Cultural clubs include:

  • Afro Society
  • Chinese Students & Scholars Society
  • Indian Club
  • Indonesian Students Association
  • Multicultural Club

Join a cultural club

The VU International Student Association (VU ISA) represent more than five thousand international students, who are currently enrolled in any ELICOS, TAFE, Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in Melbourne.

We believe that diversity and inclusivity benefit the entire student body of VU, and we as international students make up the majority of the VU community.
We would like to invite you to be a part of this amazing community and create friendships beyond borders.

Sign up to become a member with us and get amazing merchandise packs. 2021 membership is free.

Visit the ISA webpage

Join the ISA

Find out what Cultural Diversity at VU means by watching our cultural diversity video.

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