• 10 October 2022, 10:30am to 10 October 2022, 12:30pm
Footscray Park
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10 October is World Mental Health Day, which is an international day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy against social stigma.

Join us on World Mental Health Day for a range of activities aimed to improve your four domains of wellbeing.

The four domains of wellbeing are:

  1. Mental: Practicing mental self-care. This can be through activities that teach us to be present in the current moment, how to handle stress, gain greater control and understand our thoughts and feelings.

  2. Physical: Treating your body to exercise and good nutrition.

  3. Social: Being connected to people. This can be with family, friends, relationships, or strangers.

  4. Global:Working towards a meaningful life for you. Identifying your values and working towards something that feels bigger than yourself.

Three students riding stationary bicycles to blend smoothies

On the day we will have activities focused on each of the four domains.


  • painting
  • colouring
  • learn more about our Wellbeing courses on offer.


  • bike and blend
  • learn more about what's on offer from VU Sport.


  • connect with like-minded students by checking out what VU Clubs we have.


  • candle decorating
  • check out our Student Mental Health Plan 2022-2024 to see what we are doing at VU.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Additional support & resources

For more support resources check out our community support resources for mental health and wellbeing.

Hosted by: VU Counselling

Watch a series of workshops facilitated by the VU Counselling team where you will hear from our counsellors about how to understand yourself better, what it’s like to see a counsellor, practical strategies and how to ask a friend “R U OK?”

If you’re feeling stressed and need support, please call VU Counselling on +61 3 9919 5400.

Understand self-compassion & implement it in your daily life

Join Sara as she discusses the components of self-compassion, how to be kind to yourself, how to activate the soothe system, and some simple steps in implementing self-compassion into your daily life.

Watch 'understand self-compassion'

What is it like to see a counsellor at VU?

Find out more about the VU Counselling Services as Liz shares what it is like to see a counsellor, how to make an appointment, and all the things a counsellor can help with.

Watch 'counselling'

Self-care: practical strategies to look after yourself during difficult times

Join Noor as we find out more about the six types of self-care (Emotional, Practical, Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual), and learn some practical skills to take care of yourself in difficult times and how to make your very own self-soothing box.

Watch 'self-care'

Simple steps to asking a friend ‘R U OK?’

Find out how and when to ask a friend 'R U OK?'. Margret shares the simple steps that could change a life though asking R U OK? and explains how to Ask, Listen, Encourage Action and Check In with a friend.

Watch 'R U OK?'

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