• 1 June 2021, 6:00am to 25 June 2021, 10:00pm
Online only
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Join our Victoria University community for the Push-Up Challenge. We’re teaming up with our friends at Headspace for this 25-day challenge, as we focus on our own and others' mental health.

Push for better with Victoria University

As we head back into working from home, hopefully only short-term, it is important to find ways to keep connected and active. There is a correlation between exercise and feeling good, just as there is with connecting with others. So we are calling on students, staff and community members to start or join a team, and become part of the broader Victoria University community for this event.

We invite everyone – University sport reps, social sport players, fitness-centre members, virtual team trainers, and elite-level athletes – to get on board! If you haven't been part of our programs before we still want you; this is open to all and free.

For our VU staff, this is a great opportunity to connect with your colleagues as a department, college or cross-functional unit. Students, try encouraging your online classmates to join up and have fun, keep fit and stay connected.

How to join the Victoria University community

Join our community for this year's Push-Up Challenge, to complete 3046 push-ups over 21 days as a team. You can create your own team or join an existing team through the Victoria University Community page.

Exercise guides

Check out some great helpful videos to consider how to complete your push-ups. Select the one that works best for you or mix them up. Of course, throw in some other exercises if you like (squats, sit-ups, back exercises).

Remember to reach out if you need some health and fitness advice.

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