Integrity in Sport Forum - Winning at what price

Cricket ball in front of grounds in the sunlight.
Tuesday 27 May 2014, 6–8.30pm
Former VU Campus

The Sport Australia Hall of Fame (SAHOF) and Victoria University share a common goal to promote the achievement of sporting excellence aligned with integrity.

The inaugural Integrity in Sport Forum will be facilitated by Francis Leach and feature a renowned panel of experts led by Andrew Demetriou, who will be replacing Dr Jacques Rogge who has withdrawn this week due to medical issues, along with an exclusive audience of invited educators, sporting industry, and community stakeholders.

"To my great regret I have to cancel my trip to Melbourne," Dr Rogge said. "I very much regret this and I wish you a very good Forum."

The Forum will generate international conversation on moral, legal and ethical issues of sport and explore how we can maintain an ethical framework to ensure that Australians of all generations retain their trust in the value and importance of sport in our society.

Together with presenting partner the Australian Institute of Sport, the panel will explore the reality of our current environment, the pressure on athletes and clubs to perform, the decisions and their support teams have to make and the role sport science plays in today's sport.

This will be a cutting edge debate centred on sport's most critical issue.

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While the forum will bring together leaders from across the industry, our panel of special guests will be led by Dr Jacques Rogge, and includes:

  • Kim Crow - Olympic medallist and Australian Olympic Committee Athlete Commission chair
  • Simon Hollingsworth - Australian Sports Commission CEO
  • Professor Hans Westerbeek - Dean, College of Sport and Exercise Science, Victoria University
  • John Bertrand - Chairman, Sport Australia Hall of Fame
  • Dr Pippa Grange - Director, Bluestone Edge, sports ethicist.

Read more about each of our panellists.

Victoria University

Victoria University (VU) is the leading sport university through our approach to:

  • sport, exercise and active living-related research
  • teaching and learning
  • industry/community engagement.

Building on its world standard research through the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living (ISEAL), VU works collaboratively with key partners to:

  • meet head-on the challenge to improve Australia's standards of sport performance
  • increase participation in grass-roots sport
  • improve fitness and health in the community.

Sport Australia Hall of Fame

The Sport Australia Hall of Fame (SAHOF) exists to inspire all Australians by recognising and promoting the outstanding sporting achievements of our greatest athletes, and encouraging everyone, young and old, to reach their sport and life potential.

It also aims to preserve Australia's rich sporting heritage by honouring these great athletes, and use the values and experience of its Members to inspire our future stars.

At a time when the pressure and incentives to succeed may tempt athletes to 'do whatever it takes', SAHOF and VU are committed to promoting the achievement of sporting excellence with integrity. This means calling upon exemplary sporting champions, policy makers, educators and industry/community stakeholders to lead the way so that Australians retain their trust in the value and importance of sport.

Presenting partner

The Australian Institute of Sport is the presenting partner for the Integrity in Sport forum.

Supporting partner

Ian Fullagar, head of Lander & Rogers sports law practice:

As the longstanding legal advisor to the Sport Australia Hall of Fame, Lander & Rogers is delighted to be a supporting sponsor of this event. The forum provides a unique opportunity for Australian and international sporting leaders to come together and to consider a critical issue in Australian sport.

Media experts

Victoria University have a number of key experts in the area of sport integrity, including gambling, player welfare and safety, parents in sport, gender equity, racial equality, anti-homophobia, violence, sport science, organisation culture, governance and anti-doping.

Review the Media Expert Guide designed for use by reporters, editors, broadcasters and producers. Alternatively, search for an expert using our website.

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