• 25 November 2021, 9:00am to 26 November 2021, 5:00pm
Footscray Park
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The Institute of Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities (ISILC) is hosting the second annual HDR student research conference in November 2021, and we would like you to be a part of it. HDR students are invited to submit an abstract to participate.

Theme 2021

Research Translation & Planetary Wellbeing: A Way Forward

The ecological crisis demands new strategies to rapidly transform our society into a more sustainable one, and the goal of planetary wellbeing is foremost for researchers of many fields. The primary research goal is to better understand the different facets of life and its various interactions. The result of this is for us to be better positioned as researchers to achieve a healthy planet through the provision of relevant research results to practitioners.

There is still a large potential to better delineate the limits of the field, drawing on a wide perspective across sciences and geographical areas. As an implementation and integration science, academic global health aims primarily to respond to societal needs through research, education, and practice.

The ISILC Higher Degree by Research Conference makes bold on its research promise, to uncover the gaps and vulnerabilities confronting the planet and assist in maintaining its wellbeing, while at the same time unpack the various possibilities within our reach whether through technology/business/education or scientific research.

Could research regardless of the field of study, leverage strategic thinking to provide outcomes towards achieving a more sustainable world through translation? Let’s cooperate and meet in November to figure it out!

There are four general streams for the conference:

  • Business & law: accounting, business analytics, business information systems, criminology, financial systems, governance, law, supply chain and tourism.
  • Policy & economics: education, economics and related law research
  • Social & cultural transformation: arts, criminology, education, youth work and psychology
  • Engineering & science: engineering, energy, ecology, fire safety, IT systems, mathematics, water systems, advanced food systems, science.

Presentation types

There are three different types of presentations for this conference:

  1. Stream Presentation: 15-minute showcase presentation + 5 minute question and answer time.
  2. 3MT: 3-minute presentation in the three-minute thesis style.
  3. Poster: Poster presentation.

Submit an abstract

Make your mark at the 2021 ISILC HDR Student Conference; there will be prizes for the best talks and posters.

We are accepting posters from the VU HDR coursework and from other conferences as well as original material.

We are looking for a diverse range of presentation topics and speakers. You can choose the format that works best for your topic and stage of degree.

Why submit?

We know that you are trying to juggle 10 things at once, so why put in the time to submit an abstract and present?

  • Your community should hear about your great work.
  • Professional learning opportunity.
  • Looks wonderful on your CV.
  • Let's be connected and break the pandemic challenges!

Submission process

Submit your abstract (150 words maximum):

Abstracts will be reviewed by ISILC students and staff from across the University, and notification of the outcomes of the review process is expected at the end of August.

Any questions? Please direct to [email protected]


The purpose of an abstract is to briefly state the key points of the research you are planning to present at the conference. As not everyone can present at the conference, an abstract assists the organisers to decide who will present.

Not everyone who submits an abstract has a finished presentation, research project, or research paper at the time they submit. You can submit an abstract that details what you think you will be able to present by the time the conference occurs.

All those accepted to present at the conference will have their abstract published in a conference booklet to be circulated to all those who attend.

Most HDR students will present the current research that they are doing as part of their degree. However, you are also able to present on other research that you may be involved in.

HDR students at any stage of their HDR degree are eligible and encouraged to submit an abstract. It is just as valuable to present on what research you are planning to do, are doing, or have done.

Whether you are at the question formulation stage, literature review stage, data collection, data analysis, or concluding stage, what you present can be valuable to other researchers and HDR students at the conference.

After the submission deadline, all abstracts will assessed and ranked for each stream by a combination of HDR students and academics and will determine which abstracts are accepted.

If your abstract is accepted, you will have the opportunity to decline if you do not think you can confirm your attendance at the conference.

The abstract does not need to be the same as your PhD or other HDR degree proposal. However, you can still present on your research proposal if you wish, although note that an abstract is much briefer than a proposal.

Yes. Please use the template provided.

No. You do not need to have written a research paper in order to present your work. Many other conferences, however, do require a full paper to be submitted.

The theme has been developed to be inclusive of all HDR students’ research. You do not need to specifically address the conference theme in your abstract, but it is good practice to think about how your research relates to the theme.


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