• 4 November 2019, 12:45pm to 28 February 2020, 5:00pm
Footscray Park
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VU Library invites you to view its latest exhibition about Special Collections material used for research and more in 2019.

In 2019, Special Collections attracted the attention of various users accessing material to support their research or explore a particular area of interest:

  • Postgraduate researchers from Victoria University and other academic institutions
  • Researchers from overseas University Research Centres
  • Undergraduate VU students
  • Private individuals
  • Australian Libraries through request arrangements

The exhibition at Footscray Park Library provides an insight into the various types of material available for research such as monographs, serials and pamphlets and diverse range of topics across the collections. The materials on display illustrate how the preservation of knowledge enables users to delve in the past and explore topics linked to a time, place, community or people who collected and donated material.

To find out what the collections offer, explore connections and discover the unexpected material to support research such as a PhD or a published text, pursue a particular interest or serve as a basis for reflections, users have various options:

If you are new to Special Collections, hear the stories of researchers who found interesting material in Special Collections for a PhD or for a particular interest such as songwriting. The collections also inspired artists such as Emily Floyd for her exhibition ‘The Dawn’ and Ben Sheppard for the mural located at the entrance to Tripovich Street in Sparta Place in Brunswick.

To discover the collections and what material was used in 2019, take a tour.

Material used for research or special interest

Researchers and private individuals used the material displayed in the cabinets next to the Library Service Desk and within the Learning Hub:

Individual items requested

Some individual items requested by researchers and other institutions such as the National Library of Australia include:

These items and more are on display in the cabinets close to the IT Kiosk and near the lift.

The full list of items on display can be viewed on the Special Collections Library Guide.

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