• 26 October 2022, 9:00am to 7 February 2023, 9:00am
Footscray Park, Online
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Delve into the Australia-East Timor Association (AETA) archive, at the exhibition at Footscray Park Library and online, to find research material.

Victoria University has a long-standing partnership and commitment to Timor-Leste and the recent donation of the AETA archive to VU Library Special Collections is part of that ongoing commitment.  The existing Timor-Leste Special Collection is enriched with the inclusion of the AETA archive.

What’s on display

The onsite and online exhibition displays material about the work and support activities of the AETA – an information, solidarity and networking organisation established in 1975 after occupation of East Timor by Indonesia, to support the struggle for independence of East Timor. The exhibition also includes material relating to similar organisations which supported the East Timor independence movement.

The four themes of the onsite and online exhibition are based on the listing provided by the AETA for the donated archive.

AETA publications  

View various documents about the struggle for independence of East Timor in the cabinet located opposite Footscray Park Library entrance (P232), Level 2, Building P. Documents on display include:

  • East Timor: Making Amends
  • Myths of Timor
  • East Timor: The Hidden War

Click through the AETA publications displayed online.

AETA actions  

Discover how AETA supported the struggle for independence of East Timor with materials displayed in the cabinet near the library service desk. Materials include:

  • East Timor: The Acid text for Labor
  • Strategic Planning for East Timor Conference 1999
  • Timor Dairy News

Click through the online exhibition of materials depicting AETA actions.

Local East Timor Activism 

Find out how the locals actively fought for independence. Materials on display in the Learning Hub cabinet include:

  • Timor-Leste: Boletim de Informacao do CIDAC, 1 Agosto 1977
  • Direito 24 'Governasaun Aberta Mengapa Ditentang?
  • Fretilin Manual e Programa Politico

Click through the online display of materials showcasing local East Timor activism.

AETA connections

The various connections of the AETA as a networking organisation are reflected in the display cabinet opposite the library lift and stairs. Materials include:

  • Elections and Constitution Making in East Timor (2003)
  • Human Rights in East Timor: Indonesia Defies UN & the International Community   
  • Dying to be Free

Click through the online exhibition of materials illustrating AETA connections.

How to access AETA material for research

This exhibition provides a glimpse of the AETA material which is available to the research community.

The AETA archive consists of 77 archive boxes and a significant poster collection:

  • See the link on VU Library Catalogue and the box list for details about the various types of material and their location in the boxes.
  • Follow this guide on how to use archival material in the VU Special Collections.
  • Email the Special Collections Librarians ([email protected]) with your queries or to arrange an appointment to view items.

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