• 29 July 2019, 9:00am to 2 August 2019, 4:00pm
Footscray Park, City Flinders
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Join us at VU Careers Fest 2019 from 29 July to 2 August. You'll:

  • develop your employability skills
  • attend a range of career development workshops
  • chat with prospective employers
  • explore different career opportunities in your field.

Don't miss our Careers Fair on Thursday 1 August!

VU Employ

Level 1, Building M, Footscray Park Campus
Drop in for information and access to career conversations, resume reviews, career enhancing workshops and VU Talent Connect programs.


Personal Professional Pitch 

Room A413, Building A, Footscray Park Campus 

Develop your own quick, personal selling statement. It can be used when introducing yourself to an important industry contact, when meeting employers at career fairs, and as the foundation for cover letters and email introductions. 

Job Interview Skills: Tips for Success 

Room P302, Building P, Footscray Park Campus 

This workshop explores all you need to know to ace an interview. We have information about how to prepare, different types of interviews, what questions to expect and proven tips for success. 

Enhance your Job Applications 

Room P302, Building P, Footscray Park Campus 

Develop the ability to effectively communicate with a potential employer in writing. This workshop will help you to design and develop a strong resume and cover letter, tailored to each job you apply for.

International Students: Visas & Employability  

Room FS0915, Level 9, City Flinders Campus 

A free visa session delivered by education and migration consultancy, IAEC, with information on temporary and permanent visas and residency options. This session includes a panel discussion with VU international alumni sharing their insights on the best ways to develop employability skills. 

Presentation Skills for Beginners

Room FS0905, City Flinders Campus
Presenting in front of people can be scary – but it doesn't have to be. This step by step workshop will take you through helpful tips to ace your next presentation.

What are Assessment Centres?

Room FPL008, Footscray Park Campus
Are you applying for a graduate position? You may have to participate in an assessment centre. Come along to this workshop to learn more and practise skills that will help you in your application. 

Visual Career Mapping 

Room PB107, Building P, Footscray Park Campus 

Learn to create your own vision board in this creative hands-on workshop. Use inspiring images, quotes and personal items to visualise what your life and career will look like in the future.  

Build Your Career With Lego 

Room PB107, Building P, Footscray Park Campus 

In this workshop you will use LEGO bricks to express your thoughts and ideas about your future career in a different and fun way. 

Enhance Your Job Applications 

Room FS0915, Level 9, City Flinders Campus 

Develop the ability to effectively communicate with a potential employer in writing. This workshop will help you to design and develop a strong resume and cover letter, tailored to each job you apply for. 

VU Careers Fair  

Building P, Level 1 Foyer, Footscray Park Campus 

Maximise your employability and get networking. Have your chance to meet with over 20 companies and organisations on campus at Victoria University’s Career Fair. Discover different opportunities, career pathways, and graduate programs to land your dream job! 


Making Good Presentations Great

Room C410, Building C, Footscray Park Campus
What's the difference between a good presentation and a great one? Join us for a session full of practical advice on taking your presentation skills to the next level.

Teaching Expo  

Room L401, Building L, Footscray Park Campus 

The VU Teaching Expo 2019 is a fantastic opportunity to meet with employers and discover the different teaching opportunities available to you once you graduate. 

Explore Your Character Strengths 

C502a, Building C, Footscray Park Campus 

Identify and explore your unique character strengths during this interactive and fun workshop. You will learn how you can use your strengths to your advantage in all aspects of your life and your career. 

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