• 23 September 2019, 9:00am to 4 October 2019, 5:00pm
Footscray Park, City Flinders, City Queen, St Albans
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See what life at Victoria University has to offer and explore our excellent facilities first-hand with our amazing team of Student Ambassadors, during the Term 3 holidays this September – October.

Victoria University offers small-group tours of our various campuses for prospective students.

Take a guided campus tour

A guided campus tour by a student ambassador is a fantastic way to gain an insight into what it would be like to study at Victoria University.

You will get to see our:

  • on-campus accommodation at UniLodge (Footscray Park Campus only)
  • seminar rooms
  • laboratories
  • libraries
  • gyms
  • bookshops
  • cafes
  • wonderful university environment.

VU Student Ambassadors can share first-hand information about their experiences at Victoria University, and tell you about the course they are studying and the revolutionary VU Block Model.


Campus tours run for about 40 minutes to an hour depending on the campus you are visiting.

Meet our Student Ambassadors

Meet Engineering student, Andrea, and explore our specialised engineering and science labs.

Andrea Hempshall

  • Course: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Year: 3rd
  • About Andrea: Andrea is a volunteering member of VUenactus, and leads a social enterprise project called the Plastic Solution Project. The Project is building a shredder and extruder to recycle waste PET into reusable pellets. They plan to run school incursions after completing the project.
  • Special talents/interests: Andrea is a keen surfer and visual artist.

Sipass Khan

  • Course:Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)
  • Year: 4th
  • About Sipass: Sipass is dedicated to supporting females in STEM and leads an Enactus project which introduces young women to the world of science and engineering. She is also passionate about the environment and hopes to pursue a career in renewable energy systems.
  • Special talents/interests: Sipass loves ice skating and enjoys cooking in her spare time.

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Meet Nursing and Midwifery students, Frankie and Elena, and explore our new multi-million dollar teaching labs that offer health students priceless hands-on experience.

Elena Becvinonska

  • Course: Bachelor of Midwifery / Bachelor of Nursing
  • Year: 2nd
  • About Elena: Elena initially started with a Bachelor of Nursing and transferred into the double degree after her first year. She has a strong passion for helping people and cannot wait to begin her career as a midwife.
  • Special talents/interests: Elena is a self-described ‘crazy plant lady’ with a penchant for succulents.

Francesco Stagno

  • Course: Bachelor of Nursing
  • Year: 1st
  • About Frankie: Frankie has recently returned to university, primarily driven by his passion for the nursing profession, and an interest in mental health support and awareness.
  • Special talents/interests: Frankie is an avid board-game enthusiast.

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Meet Brody and Cam, twin brothers who are both studying the Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy), and find out about our on-campus labs, Osteopathy Clinics and practical learning approach.

Cameron Searle

  • Course: Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy)
  • Year: 2nd
  • About Cameron: Cameron is excited about what Osteopathy has to offer as a career. He thoroughly enjoys sport and competes in Track and Field 100m and 200m events, representing Australia at an international level.
  • Special talents/interests: Elite athlete and represents Australia at an international level.

Brody Searle

  • Course: Bachelor of Science (Osteopathy)
  • Year: 2nd
  • About Brody: Brody loves Osteopathy and can’t wait to start his career. He has a keen interest in media and anything related to social media.
  • Special talents/interests: Brody loves the gym and videography.

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Meet Teghan and Dilan, two future paramedics, and explore our new multi-million dollar teaching labs that offer realistic training for their work on the road.

Dilan Ismail

  • Course: Bachelor of Paramedicine
  • Year: 1st
  • About Dilan: Dilan spent his early adult life in the army, and while he served he received the VC Cameron Baird award for ‘best soldier’. This motivated Dilan to pursue becoming a Paramedic as his passion to help people first hand grew while his time in the Defence Force.
  • Special talents/interests: Video games and sports.


Teghan O’Connor

  • Course: Bachelor of Paramedicine
  • Year: 2nd
  • About Teghan: Teghan is drawn to paramedicine because she is passionate about helping people in need. She looks forward to VU’s placement opportunities in Israel, the UK and USA.
  • Special talents/interests: Represents VU in indoor and beach volleyball.


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Meet students Annabelle and Dom, and discover our unique approach to teaching psychology with on-campus clinics and more.

Annabelle Goonasekera

  • Course: Bachelor of Psychological Studies
  • Year: 2nd
  • About Annabelle: Annabelle has a keen interest in psychology and chose VU to study in the field because she loves the University’s diversity, community and Block Model approach to teaching (where students study one unit, or 'block' at a time).
  • Special talents/interests: Annabelle loves shopping and is a keen bargain hunter.

Dominic Possingham

  • Year: 1st
  • About Dom: Dom loves to grow and learn, hence he chose psychology. He values how inclusive VU is, and loves the Block Model approach to teaching. Dom aspires to help people holistically, through both psychology and yoga.
  • Special talents/interests: Dom used to be a professional ballet dancer.

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Meet Science student Natasha, explore our science labs and take part in some mini-experiments.

Natasha Milner

  • Course: Bachelor of Science
  • Year: 2nd
  • About Natasha: Natasha is passionate about science and looks forward to pursuing a laboratory career or becoming a science teacher.
  • Special talents/interests: Natasha is a tea-drinking enthusiast and has an extensive tea collection.

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Meet Alice and Rebecca, and explore our law school, right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD legal precinct.

Rebecca Elder

  • Course: Bachelor of Laws
  • Year: 4th
  • About Rebecca: Rebecca looks forward to a future where all individuals have a voice and an equal chance in the eye of the law. She wants to become a lawyer to offer guidance and support for those seeking legal aid.
  • Special talents/interests: Rebecca loves reading and road-tripping.

Alice Growden

  • Course: Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor of Commerce
  • Year: 3rd
  • About Alice: Alice is currently studying a double degree of Law and Commerce at Victoria University. Alice juggles working at a law firm with other casual jobs and competing in netball, tennis and AFL Football. She is incredibly involved in student activities, such as Uni Games, and is the editor in VU's Law magazine.
  • Special talents/ interests: Outside of university, Alice keeps busy by playing Netball, Tennis, Football (AFL) and Volleyball.

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Meet Xander, Selin and Elyse from our College of Sport and Exercise Science. They’ll take you on a tour of our incredible sport learning and research facilities, including our biomechanics lab and altitude hotel (which recreates high-altitude conditions).

Elyse Ann Hocking

  • Course: Bachelor of Physical Education and Sport Science
  • Year: 2nd
  • About Elyse: Elyse used to run careers and employments expos and loves to educate people about their work and study opportunities. She has just returned to study after being on maternity leave, and is passionate about youth health and physical fitness.
  • Special talents/interests: Elyse enjoys hiking and horse riding.

Selin Arpaci

  • Course: Bachelor of Sport Science
  • Year: 2nd
  • About Selin: Selin loves sports (specifically soccer), community work and VU. She coaches and plays soccer, organises soccer programs, and volunteers at Melbourne Victory. She loves the prospect of working closely with industry at VU and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.
  • Special talents/interests: Anything soccer related!

Xander Haw

  • Course: Bachelor of Exercise Science (Clinical Practice)
  • Year: 3rd
  • About Xander: Xander is interested in the positive effect that exercise can have on mental, physical and emotional health. He hopes that gaining a degree in the field will allow him to help people achieve their best in all aspects of their wellbeing.
  • Special talents/interests: Xander loves enjoying exercise outdoors with friends.

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Rose Thwin

  • Course: Bachelor of Education (P-12)
  • Year: 1st
  • About Rose: Rose loves her course as the practical activities allow her to learn effectively, and provide a great foundation of activities to use with students in the future. As a future teacher, Rose believes we should be delivering content that truly informs individuals on ways to better the community and be accepting of all diversity.
  • Special talents/interests: Rose loves to change her hair colour frequently.

Mariam Masri

  • Course: Bachelor of Education (P-12)
  • Year: 3rd
  • About Mariam: Mariam was previously studying Biomedical Science with us; however, she found that her true calling was to become a teacher. She attended Al-Taqwa College for 13 years (Early Childhood to Year 12),  experienced several milestones with them, and attributes the person she is today to the school.
  • Special talents/interests: Mariam uses her hours outside of uni to spend lots of quality time with family and friends.

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