• 22 July 2020, 9:00am to 26 October 2020, 4:00pm
Online sessions

As an academic or professional staff member involved in creating content, teaching or administering students, you can contribute to a culture of academic integrity at Victoria University.

To uphold academic integrity, staff are encouraged to:

  • understand what academic integrity means
  • promote a culture of academic integrity
  • identify and respond to breaches of academic integrity.

Academic integrity resources

Academic Integrity resources, available in VU Collaborate to support staff and students, reflect the following VU policies:

Join the online session about Academic Integrity Resources to find out:

  • what academic integrity resources are available to all staff and students
  • how staff and students can access these resources
  • why these resources are important for work and study.

The session will be delivered via Zoom from July-October.

Booking a session

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  • 22 July, 9am-9.30am
  • 24 July, 11.30am-12noon
  • 27 July, 2pm-2.30pm


  • 24 August, 10.30am-11am
  • 25 August, 2.30pm-3pm
  • 27 August, 11.30am-12noon


  • 16 September, 3pm-3.30pm
  • 17 September, 2pm-2.30pm
  • 18 September, 11am-11.30am


  • 21 October, 2pm-2.30pm
  • 23 October, 11.30pm-12noon
  • 26 October, 3.30pm-4pm

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