• 4 May 2020, 9:00am to 30 June 2020, 5:00pm

As a first-year student, you complete Study Essentials to help you build knowledge and skills to excel in your studies.

Online Academic Inquiry workshops are part of Study Essentials and are offered for specific disciplines:

  • Academic Inquiry - Arts & Education
  • Academic Inquiry - Building & Architecture
  • Academic Inquiry - Business
  • Academic Inquiry - Engineering, Science & IT
  • Academic Inquiry - Health
  • Academic Inquiry - Law
  • Academic Inquiry - Sports & Exercise Science.

You will learn how to:

  • search for information and identify credible sources to use in an academic setting
  • create strategies to locate and use discipline-specific key resources such as scholarly databases, e-books, e-journals and web resources
  • apply the concept of academic integrity including referencing
  • create your own resource of tips and useful online guides.

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