• 26 June 2020, 9:00am to 28 June 2020, 5:00pm
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The ICCP 2020 conference will explore ways to foster and sustain solidarities – through communities, activism, knowledges and environment.

View the work of people, agencies, industries, and collaborators who contribute to social change and individual and community wellbeing. The conference will explore their innovative, critical and engaged research, teaching, and practice.

Theme: Fostering and sustaining solidarities – communities, activism, knowledges & environment

This conference will celebrate and interrogate the ways solidarities are fostered and sustained:

  • within community contexts
  • across borders and boundaries
  • digital and non-digital spaces
  • through processes of knowledge production.

Knowledges for sustainable futures

Engage with critical theories and ways of working that have been produced in various countries and contexts, often referred to as the global south.

The theme responds to:

  • the ‘decolonial turn’
  • intersectional feminist theory
  • critical race scholarship
  • indigenous knowledges around the world.

We seek to understand how these can advance community research and action towards its goals of liberation, community and wellness.

Creating inclusive cultures & healthy communities

Examine various practices aimed at creating inclusive cultures and healthy communities, including:

  • technology and digitally mediated communities
  • arts informed methodologies
  • embodied practice
  • storytelling and oral history.

What are the diverse critical epistemological and methodological tools and ethical foundations of these endeavours?

Working the boundaries

Engage with the politics of knowledge production and translation at the interface of different communities of practice. This can include the links between and within universities/communities/community organisations/governments.

It will explore how agencies, communities, educators, researchers and practitioners:

  • negotiate dynamics of power
  • deal with challenges of translation from policy and practice
  • create transdisciplinary alliances.

At a more micro-level this theme is also concerned with enacting cultural safety through critical reflexivity.

Global dynamics in local expressions

Discuss the unique localised impacts of broader, socio-political, economic and migration dynamics and ideologies that are giving rise to new and renewed local expressions of (dis) advantage and privilege.

Examine how communities, practitioners, and researchers are forming creative alliances to:

  • counteract dominant narratives and ideologies
  • create spaces and places of belonging and wellbeing.


The 8th International Conference of Community Psychology is proudly hosted by Victoria University in partnership:

8th International Conference on Community Psychology, Melbourne Australia, June 26-28 2020

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