• 23 September 2020, 9:00am

Victoria University hosted our first Virtual Learning and Teaching Symposium, open to our wider community including VU Sydney, VU Online and Partnerships (TNE). Following the success of both the 2019 Vocational Education and Higher Education Learning and Teaching Symposia, this year’s event reached even more of VU’s passionate teachers.

The symposium aims to foster connections, to examine our distinctiveness and innovation in the Australian education sector and to learn from each other in these rapidly changing times. The program featured a keynote address, Q&A sessions, workshops and themed virtual presentations.

2020 Vision: Discovery | Destination


  • Tales from the COVID face: how we react, how we recover
    Response to COVID-19, what have we learnt, what should we take with us.
  • Passport to beyond
    Preparing students for the world of work. Life long learning partners.
  • Power of stories
    Collaborating with industry, community, partners, international, dual sector.
  • Students as partners
    Co-creating the VU way – the ideology of VU’s Students as Partners.
  • The surprising path
    Alternative ways to look at assessment, what is working, what hasn’t worked.
  • Planetary Health
    Engaging with your local community to improve its health and wellbeing.

Presentation types

  1. Lightning round: 5-minute showcase presentations + 2-minute question time on a sub-theme.
  2. Plenary sessions: 30 minute active and engaging sessions on a sub-theme. This longer format is well suited to describe a larger project or strategy.
  3. Workshops: 30 minute opportunity to showcase and workshop tech or learning activities, something better experienced than talked about, involving group participation.

Question & answer panels

  1. Student panel.
  2. Same but different, teachers from across the VU community.
  3. WEST: VU values in learning and teaching with VU’s learning leaders.
  4. Block around the world featuring block collaborators from Australia and the USA.


Associate Professor Phillip Dawson, Deakin University

Associate Professor Phillip Dawson, Associate Director of the Centre for Research in Assessment and Digital Learning (CRADLE) at Deakin University gave the keynote address at the 2020 virtual L&T Symposium.

Phill's keynote titled 'Developing students’ feedback literacy for study, work and life' focused on how to help students make the most of feedback and develop their 'feedback literacy'.


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