Liaoning University

Map showing the locations and logos of VU and Liaoning University and the words ‘In 2016 we are celebrating 17 years in partnership with Liaoning University’

Victoria University has been delivering joint education programs with Liaoning University for more than 17 years. This partnership was established in 1999 through their Australia-Asia Business College (AABS).

Liaoning University, situated in Shenyang Province in China’s north-east, is a leader in developing unique transnational education models and is one of China's prestigious Project 211 universities.

Our long standing and valued partnership with Liaoning University has produced thousands of VU business graduates, with many studying part of their degree in Australia through our pathway opportunities.


Liaoning University campus

VU offers a range of business courses at Liaoning University including:

Pathway opportunities

 Infographic showing study pathways. Students spend two years studying English and a Diploma of Business (Enterprise) and then can transfer to VU or stag in Liaoning to complete a Bachelor of Business in two years.
Pathways from Liaoning to Melbourne

Students can study specialised English and business courses in Shenyang, or study part of their degree in Melbourne.

Students wanting to complete part of their VU degree in Melbourne can choose to study for as short as six months or as long as two years in Melbourne.

Students who choose to complete their bachelor degree in Melbourne can select from any one of 13 Bachelor of Business specialisations, and gain valuable international experience.

Students who continue to study a VU business degree with Liaoning University can major in accounting, banking and finance or international trade.

Contact Liaoning

Find out more about VU courses offered with Liaoning by visiting the Asia-Australia Business College website.

Contact a VU College representative to find out more about our partnership with Liaoning University, including the academic or course delivery model.