You can report concerning, threatening or inappropriate behaviour that you think Safer Community should know about using this form.

For immediate assistance on campus contact VU Security on +61 3 9919 6666.

Concerning, threatening and inappropriate behaviour include:

Information to include in your report

Report as much information and be as specific as you can.

So that we can investigate more fully try to include:

  • what happened (explain the concerning behaviour)
  • who (use full names of persons you are concerned about, student or staff ID numbers if possible, or a detailed description)
  • when (date and time)
  • where (building or location).

Providing your contact details

All information will be confidential and your contact details will be kept private.

Safer Community may contact you for more information, or to provide an update on the response to your report.

Reporting anonymously

You may report anonymously, but you will not receive any update on the response to your report.

As information reported anonymously cannot be verified, it will be acted upon at the discretion of Safer Community.


Victoria University values your privacy and is committed to handling your personal and health information in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic) and other applicable legislation.

Refer to our Privacy Policy and Procedure for details of how we manage your personal and health information.

After your report is submitted

Safer Community will assess the information you provided in your report and determine the most appropriate response. The response may include:

  • gathering additional information
  • developing an action plan
  • making contact with the person in question
  • providing a referral to internal or external support services
  • recording the information.

Issues not on campus

If you are concerned about something happening off campus or online that may affect the VU community, contact Safer Community by email on [email protected] or report it online using the form on this page.


Information marked with an asterisk "*" is required.

Refer to our privacy policy and data collection notification statement for more information on how your data is used.