From 6 September to 3 October 2021, an important national survey on student safety is being conducted across Australia. 

The National Student Safety Survey will measure the prevalence of sexual assault and harassment among university students, perceptions of safety, and views towards student campus life.

You may be selected at random to take part in the survey; this 'random selection' aims to represent our diverse student population. If you have been selected, you will initially be approached via email or SMS.

Ten thousand VU students will be invited to participate. We encourage you to take part. Our university’s work to address and respond to sexual violence needs to be shaped by your voice, your experiences and your needs.

If you are not selected, and you have attended an Australian university in the past five years, you can still have your say, anonymously, at from 6 September to 3 October 2021.

Speak up; we're listening

At Victoria University, we want to hear about the full range of our students’ experiences.

This means hearing from people of different ages, sexualities, genders, cultures, degree pathways, modes of study, and countries of origin.

Whether or not you have experienced sexual violence, coercion or harassment of any kind, we value your views. 

Email: [email protected]

Your safety comes first at VU

Our stance against violence & harassment

Sexual violence in all its forms, including harassment and assault, has no place at our university.

We strongly believe that everyone has the right and the expectation that they will be safe wherever they study, live, work and socialise.

We know one in five women in the Australian community over the age of 15 has experienced sexual violence. As long as that number is not zero, universities have an important role to play in preventing sexual violence from happening and to find the best ways to respond to survivors with compassion and support.

The values that universities promote and uphold have a ripple effect throughout society.

Victoria University will continue to promote gender equality, build a culture of respect, and support all members of our diverse community.

Coinciding with the survey in early September is our Respect Week, with discussion groups, information sessions, movie screenings and more. Come along to learn more and contribute to these free events.

Building respectful futures together

The report from the first national survey on sexual harassment and sexual assault in universities, Change the Course, was released in 2017.  Since then, Victoria University, in partnership with students, has resourced and developed a whole-of-institution approach to preventing and responding to gender-based violence.

VU’s preventing gender-based violence strategy includes training for students and staff, engagement activities and events, collaboration with partners within and beyond the University and evaluation and research into effective practice.

Get support

Student safety and wellbeing will be at the centre of the entire survey process. Victoria University is here to support you; reach out to our free and confidential counselling services during and after the survey.

We actively encourage anyone who has experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault during their time at VU to disclose their experiences and receive support. 

Safer community

Safer community provides advice, assistance and support to VU staff and students. If you or someone you know is affected by something concerning while at VU, contact Safer Community:


Counselling is also available to staff and students. If you have experienced violence or harassment, or this campaign has brought up past experiences, we have counsellors available to help.

Training for students

All VU students can access free, online training in the areas of Consent and Respectful Relationships and Bystander Awareness and Action. This award-winning training was co-designed with VU students and is mandatory for student leaders. The online modules are available on Learning Hub (login required).

Training for staff

We know that our students may reach out to staff as a first line of contact; familiarise yourself with the support services available for staff and students.

All staff are encouraged to complete these online modules:

Further resources

Find out more about the National Student Survey, including FAQs, at the Universities Australia site.