Hatch Studio MetroWest, previously known as the VU Design Studio, offers a work environment for final year graphic design students.

Students produce commercial work for internal and external clients, working with the client to the end product.

They get to experience what it is like to work creatively as a team and under pressure. Students from multimedia, digital media, games and visual arts also have the opportunity to get involved on particular projects.

Our services

Within a short time frame, and at reduced rates, we offer a range of services including:

  • corporate identify
  • branding
  • publications/brochures/flyers
  • promotional material with print services
  • multimedia: video production, animated cards
  • advertising
  • signage
  • websites
  • social media.

Since Hatch Studio opened it has generated:

  • over $250,000 in revenue to date through commercial design projects
  • a two-week full-time workplace learning environment for over 260 graphic design students
  • high-quality graphic, web and DVD/CD-ROM materials and products for over 80 clients
  • freelance production work for a variety of other design and multimedia staff.

Portfolio of our past work

Collection of work for internal clients that you might be familiar with:

  • Platform Magazine – designed and printed quarterly
  • Alumni International – festival animation eCards globally distributed
  • Course Brochures –  Creative Industries
  • Convention centres – Function brochures.

Download the Hatch Studio Metrowest portfolio for examples of our work.


Located in room M125 at VU at MetroWest (Footscray), students are available to meet and show you their portfolio of work and discuss your requirements.

Contact us

Please contact us to discuss your job. You're welcome to come in and learn how our Studio can assist you and your organisation with your design needs.

Beata Cranswick
Hatch Studio Design Manager
VU at MetroWest, Footscray
Phone: +61 3 9919 1593
Email: [email protected]