Terms & conditions for hiring Victoria University's TV Studio.

Terms & conditions

The conditions of your organisation (the hirer) hiring Victoria University (VU)’s TV Studio (Studio) are set out below. The hirer is responsible for ensuring its members, invitees and guests comply with these conditions.

Use of the Studio

  1. The hire and use of the Studio is at VU’s discretion.
  2. The hirer may not use the Studio for any activity which VU deems objectionable, dangerous, unlawful, or which may damage VU’s reputation.
  3. At all times while on VU premises, the hirer and its attendees will comply with directions of VU staff.
  4. Payment is required prior to the use of the Studio.
  5. A tag and test report for any non-mains electrical equipment that will be used during the hire, not belonging to VU, must be provided with the booking.

Access to facilities

  1. The hirer may only enter the Studio at the time they have booked and must vacate the Studio at the time set out in the booking request form (as approved by VU).
  2. If set up time is required then this must be included in the booked time. If the event runs over the time booked, VU reserves the right to charge additional fees at the booking rate.
  3. VU reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone should their actions or conduct be deemed prejudicial to the proper use of the Studio, present a health and safety risk, or be detrimental to the activities of VU.
  4. VU staff and contractors may access the Studio at any time.
  5. If the hirer breaches these conditions of hire, VU may cancel the hirer’s booking with immediate effect. No refund will be given if a hirer breaches the conditions of hire.
  6. The hirer may only use the space for the purpose stated on their booking request form.

Care for the facilities

  1. The hirer must ensure that the Studio left in a clean and tidy state, clear of rubbish, with all lighting and electrical equipment switched off after use.
  2. Furniture and equipment must not be rearranged without VU’s prior permission. If permission is granted, the hirer must return the furniture and equipment to its original configuration after use.  If the hirer fails to comply with this condition, the hirer will be liable to VU for an additional charge.
  3. The hirer must report any broken or non-working equipment to a VU staff member immediately.
  4. The hirer will pay VU for any damage to the space or any loss or damage to property or equipment belonging to VU or any employee or agent of VU.
  5. The hirer takes all responsibility for its own property and the property of the hirer’s guests and invitees. VU will not be liable for any loss, theft or damage to the equipment or property of the hirer or any guest or invitee of the hirer.
  6. Except to the extent of VU’s negligence, the hirer will indemnify VU, its officers and employees in respect of any liability, claim or proceeding arising from the hirer’s booking or use of the Studio, in respect of:
    1. personal injury to or the death of any person;
    2. property damage; or
    3. financial loss.


  1. The hirer acknowledges that, in accepting the hirer’s booking, VU may have to decline other opportunities to rent out the Studio.
  2. Accordingly, if the hirer cancels its booking:
    1. With less than 3 business days’ notice, the hirer will be liable to VU for 50% of the hire charge; or
    2. With less than one business day’s notice, the hirer will be liable for 100% of the hire charge.

Health & safety

  1. The hirer is responsible for the health and safety of its members, guests and invitees.
  2. VU staff will call emergency services for any situation deemed necessary. The person attended to by emergency services will be solely liable for all costs resulting from emergency services attending.
  3. The hirer will be responsible for the supervision and behaviour of attendees whilst on VU premises. A responsible adult must supervise bookings that include children.
  4. A Certificate of Currency for Public Liability must be supplied for the hire of the Studio.