Victoria University (VU) Fitness Online is a membership that gives you access to live streamed exercise classes, on demand classes and more.

This membership is perfect for anyone who is unable to attend one of our Fitness Centres. You can still get active, join challenges and be a part of VU Sport with our VU Moves app.

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VU Fitness Online membership

To get access to the VU Fitness Online membership you will need to:

  1. join for just $6.50 per week
  2. download the VU Moves app
  3. create a My Wellness account.

What you get

Virtual Team Training

Virtual Team Training is a fun but challenging session, run by a personal trainer, that targets different areas of the body.

Each person works at their own pace, making it perfect for beginners through to the advanced, with different progressions available for each exercise.

The program changes from week to week, so there is no chance of getting bored. We'll keep you inspired while you are living, working, and keeping active all in your own home, workplace or wherever you find yourself training.

Sessions are 45 minutes long.

Group Exercise Online

Your classic Group Exercise classes are live streamed from face-to-face classes that are running at VU's Footscray Park Aquatic and Fitness Centre or available in the catch-up classes.

We are currently live streaming yoga, and have catch-up classes for yoga and Pilates. They are here to keep you active no matter where you are.

Catch-up classes

Fitting exercise into your life is not always easy with everything you have on, so if you are unable to attend live sessions you can always do one of our catch-up classes. They are guided exercise sessions that you can do on demand, with a range of levels and durations to fit in with everyone's life.


Join one of our challenges to keep you motivated and progress your activity throughout the year. You can use these challenges to focus on your individual progress or compete against other members for bragging rights.

What you need to know


You do not need specialist equipment to participate in our classes.

If you have weights or resistance bands, an exercise mat and step around your house, great (if not, alternatives are listed below)! They are the main things we will use in Virtual Team Training and Master Movers. We also use chairs frequently. During yoga you have the option to use yoga blocks and yoga straps but you don’t need these.

Weights alternatives: you can use a bag filled with books, or cans of food, an empty milk jug filled with water etc. You can use anything that is a suitable weight for you, as long as you can hold it securely.

Bands alternatives: you can use a towel or dressing gown belt.

Step alternatives: you can use a chair, but sometimes a chair will be too high and so we can offer alternative exercises you can do with out a step.

Space requirements

This depends on the class.

For Virtual Team Training and yoga you need enough space to lay down and wave your arms around (about 2m x 1m depending on how tall you are).

For Virtual Master Movers you need enough space for a chair, and space to walk around the chair.

Training with an injury

Whether you should train or not depends on the injury. We recommend seeking the advice of a GP or Allied Health Professional first. If they say it's OK then you can train.

It’s best to inform your instructor at the start of a session if you have any injuries or niggles that they need to know about so they can offer alternatives to exercises you probably shouldn’t be doing.

Virtual Master Movers is a gentle exercise class, if Virtual Team Training is too hard for you at this time you can Virtual Master Movers instead.

At the bottom of the weekly emails are the exercise lists for each days Virtual Team Training session. You can look at the list ahead of time to prepare yourself to adjust for any exercise you need to.

Sign up on our members portal.

Join a live class

You can join the live classes through the VU Moves app or through the web portal. You must book into the class before the start time.

To join through the VU Moves app:

  1. create a My Wellness account through the app
  2. look under class timetable
  3. find the class you wish to join (classes that say 'Live Streamed' are delivered online) and book it, the class will appear in your My Moves section on the app
  4. wait to receive a notification that it is time to join the class, then go to your My Moves section and click join.

You will receive emails every week with a button to join through the web portal.

To join through the web portal:

  1. log in
  2. book the class you want to join
  3. when it's time for the class to start, log in again and join the class.

Do a catch-up class

Catch-up classes can be done through the VU Moves app or through the catch-up class web portal.

Access for VU Fitness Centre members

If you are a FOCUS, PLUS or PT member, please email [email protected] to be put on the mailing list.

If you are not a FOCUS, PLUS or PT member, please email [email protected] to upgrade your membership.

Once you have VU Fitness Online membership:

  1. open the VU Moves app
  2. go to the catch-up class tile on the homepage
  3. browse the library, choose the class you want and click start.

If you want to join through the web portal:

  1. click the button on the weekly email to open the web portal
  2. log in
  3. choose your class and click start.

Membership costs

Membership costs less then $1 per day! You'll pay $27.30 each month for your membership.

When you sign up, you will be required to pay a pro-rata amount to cover you from your start date to the end of the month. After that, the full payment of $27.30 will automatically come out of your account, on around the first of each month.

Session length

Our online fitness sessions are 45–60 minutes long.

Pause or cancel your membership

If you have to stop training due to an injury or other circumstances you can suspend your membership. This will pause your membership until you are ready to return.

Email [email protected] to suspend or cancel your membership. We will send you a form to fill in.

Help & support

If you have difficulty joining the class or need further assistance, please email [email protected] or call us during our opening hours on +61 3 9919 4460.

If you haven't received emails:

  1. check your junk mail.
  2. if you are a Gmail user check the "promotions" folder.
  3. if you are an Outlook user check the "Other" folder.
  4. if you are still not receiving the emails send an email to [email protected].