The following classes are available at the St Albans Health & Fitness Centre.

If you are a member, the classes are included in your membership. If you do not have a membership, you can still participate by purchasing a casual entry.

Group exercise timetable

We offer a varied timetable to suit all ages and fitness levels.

Class Time
28 Revive Bootcamp 7am
VU30 - HIIT 12pm
Mastermovers 2pm
28 Revive Bootcamp 6pm


Class Time
VU30 - Boxfit 12pm
Boxfit 5.30pm


Class Time
28 Revive Bootcamp 7am
VU Core Control 10am
VU30 - Circuit 12pm
Strength workshop 6pm


Class Time
VU30 - Circuit 7am
Master Movers advanced 10am
HIIT 5.30pm


Class Time
VU30 - Ab & Stretch 7am
VU30 - Boxfit 12pm


Class Time
Functional Burnout 9am

St Albans Health & Fitness Centre

Class descriptions

Boxfit (45 mins)

A fun, interactive cardiovascular workout to increase fitness, core strength, hand–eye coordination and help you de-stress. Incorporating boxing moves and a variety of other cardiovascular training.

Functional Burnout (60 mins)

A fat-burning class that uses a range of equipment to give you the fastest way to tone and condition muscles. This high-energy class is suitable for all abilities to improve fitness and muscle tone. Kettlebell, TRX, machine and free weights are an insight to the class methods.

HIIT (45 mins)

Combining a higher intensity workout with intermittent rest and recovery. It is designed to improve your power, strength, reflexes, agility, sporting performance and more. A great way to get physically active and sweaty!

Master Movers (COTA* 50+) (45 mins)

Master Movers is a gentle exercise class focusing on improving your coordination, cardio, balance and strength a little bit at a time. The Master Movers Class may also be suitable if you have a health condition.

Mastermovers Advanced (COTA 50+) (45 mins)

This is a progression class from Master Movers developing the 5 elements of fitness with weights, resistance bands, and machines. Participants must be screened prior to attending class.

VU Core Control (COTA 50+) (45 mins)

A slow intensity class that incorporates the art of pilates to strengthen core and pelvic control to help support your lower back and improve your posture. Exercises will include Swiss ball and floor exercises.

COTA description:

COTA stands for Council of the Aged. The master movers classes align with their Living Longer, Living StrongerTM Program. These classes are for members over the age of 50. 

Participants in a Master Movers class