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Your donations at work

Donations to VU are applied to a variety of projects. This page acknowledges and highlights some of the wonderful gifts we've received. Donations of any size make a difference and will help us become a great University of the 21st Century.

Dr Susan Marie Alberti AC HonLLD

Dr Susan Alberti AC is the co-founder and Managing Director of DANSU Construction and heads the Susan Alberti Charitable Foundation. A prominent businesswoman and active philanthropist, Dr Alberti has generously committed to funding five VU Achievement Scholarships through her foundation. Dr Alberti is also a Director of the VU Foundation, through which all scholarships are disbursed.

The VU Achievement Scholarships program provides two students from each school in Melbourne's west with a scholarship for the duration of their study. One scholarship is for a vocational education student and one for a higher education student.

"Donating to the VU Achievement Scholarships Program is more than just providing an opportunity for students - it is about community, supporting and building successful communities. That is what is important to me."

"I hope I am encouraging other people to donate, because there's nothing more rewarding."

Jackie Woodroffe

VU alumna Jackie Woodroffe may have officially retired from education in 2005 but she is still continuing to make a difference to the lives of VU students. Ms Woodroffe regularly donated to the VU Achievement Scholarships Program. Her generosity will help high-achieving students from Melbourne's west to continue their education beyond Year 12.

"My heart is for people from disadvantaged backgrounds who can't access education and for people who have the ability to study but need some incentive to get started," Ms Woodroffe said.

"There are a great range of options when it comes to donating to the program," Ms Woodroffe said. "People can help by donating as little as $20."

Throughout her career, Ms Woodroffe worked internationally as an English language teacher and teacher of the deaf and held various positions at former VU institutions. Her roles included Head of School, General Studies and Manager of International and Special Projects. Ms Woodroffe has been recognised for her contribution by being named as one of Victoria University's 90 Legends.

Scovell family

The Alexander McKenzie Scovell Award is presented annually to a high achieving first-year Arts student who lives in Melbourne's western region. Established in 1998 by Mrs Alison Scovell and daughters, Dr Janet Schapper and Heather Scovell, the Award honours their late husband and father, Alexander McKenzie Scovell. Alexander had a strong belief in the value of education and encouraged young people to achieve a tertiary education.

"We wondered how to do something appropriate to remember Dad that was meaningful and would suit his values," says Janet Schapper. "His key principles were that everyone should have an education and a roof over their head. His own father came from Footscray, so they always had a very strong association with the west."

She says the family wanted to support Victoria University because it provides education for those that have less opportunity. "It is much more meaningful to us as a memorial than bricks and mortar, as we are reminded of his values every year as new students come through."

Heather Scovell says the award is about a belief in education and how important it is as a foundation for life. "The family felt this was a really good thing to do," she says. "When parents die, there's an opportunity to donate some money. Ours is a modest encouragement award, to assist students to continue their courses."

Western Bulldogs Football Club 

Our partners, the Western Bulldogs Football club donate $1 for every club member, every year, to support the VU Achievement Scholarship to assist students from Melbourne's western region to pursue their academic goals.

The then Club Chief Executive, VU alumnus and a Director of VU Foundation, Campbell Rose announced in 2009 that the Bulldogs' would, in perpetuity, annually donate a $1 contribution for every adult member of the Club to support the VU Achievement Scholarships. In 2009 and 2010 the Club's contribution was just over $28 000 for each year. "We have a strong partnership that traverses programs in education, community, and the sports science expertise of the University in our football training and beyond," Dr Rose said.

Gabrielle Chalmers, Achievement Scholarship recipient, studying Events Management and Hospitality said "The scholarship funds are covering the cost of my textbooks and the rest will go toward my HECS-HELP loan. I won't have to stress as much about the size of my HECS-HELP debt when I graduate. I have friends who are working so many hours just to pay for their transport, university fees and their textbooks."

"My scholarship benefits the whole family, as I don't have to borrow money from my parents to support my studies. I feel like I have opened up a whole new world. My mum never went to university and my dad took a long time to finish his degree as there wasn't the same opportunities as there are now."

The Invergowrie Foundation

When VU’s Achievement Scholarship program was launched in 2010, the Invergowrie Foundation was one of the founding supporters. The Invergowrie Foundation trustees recognised the strong link between VU’s Achievement Scholarships program and the objectives of the Invergowrie Foundation and established the ‘Invergowrie Foundation -VU Achievement Scholarships’.

For over 20 years the Invergowrie Foundation has been committed to providing educational support to girls and women living within Victoria. Established in 1992, the Invergowrie Foundation provides grants to ensure that girls and women are able to access educational programs they might not otherwise be able to afford and assist them to pursue their academic aspirations.

Each year since the Achievement Scholarship program commenced, the Invergowrie Foundation has supported a Higher Education and a Vocational Education female scholar for duration of their course. The eight recipients so far have studied courses varying from Law to Nursing, as well as Building Construction to Children’s Services.

Nadia Kapri, the Higher Education recipient from 2010, comments “The scholarship allowed me to feel as if I could do that little bit more in life without feeling like I am in huge debt. I was able to pay for my textbooks, and all the extra fees university requires. As a scholar, I was also able to participate in more life building skills such as public speaking, attending luncheons and networking.  I think it’s really important to have those skills in life.”

You too can make a difference

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