We engage with diverse communities through a broad range of activities to make the world a better place, through creation, sharing & use of new knowledge.

Engaging with culturally & linguistically diverse communities

Victoria University has significant experience engaging with culturally and linguistically diverse communities (CALD) through a broad range of activities. Our expertise includes:

  • facilitating productive interactions with the local community
  • addressing significant refugee issues
  • tackling diversity and social inclusion issues
  • helping with access to external funding and sponsorship opportunities
  • working to build community capacity
  • working collaboratively on advocacy and information dissemination projects of importance
  • offering University facilities for community use on an appropriate commercial basis.

Family-based careers program for Horn of Africa students

We work with the Horn of African Communities Network and Centacare to educate families (in four African languages) about career and pathway options for students from the Horn of Africa.

We worked in partnership to assist the Horn of Africa community and produce a publication that aims to address community concerns about:

  • poor transition into education
  • high attrition rates of students undertaking courses
  • lack of role models and limited information or knowledge about career options
  • lack of knowledge about workplace culture
  • the need to recognise the important place of families in influencing and supporting students' life choices

This project was initiated in 2006 and was the first of its kind in Australia.

The Horn of African Communities Network

VU hosts the Horn of African Communities Network. A VU-African community advisory committee has been formed to discuss and negotiate the education, training and employment needs of the African communities.

Spanish Latin American Welfare Centre

VU in partnerships with CELAS, developed a targeted aged care course for 14 students. Eleven out of 14 students obtained work in aged care services.

Australian Vietnamese Women Association

'Stories on a Plate' was a Living in Harmony project. The project addressed social isolation and promoted the integration of Vietnamese women into the Australian culture by connecting them with Horn of Africa women. This program established shared activities which is likely to expand to include a 'buddy system'.

Newly arrived migrants and refugee communities

In partnership with Centacare, VU established an education support program (Prep to 12 years) in Wyndham Council. The program was establish to assist community groups such as the Karen community with transitioning to the Australian education system.

Indian community

In partnership with Victoria Police and the Indian communities in the western region, we established an Indian Community Reference Group on 21 January 2009. The role of the reference group is to identify, implement and monitor projects that can be undertaken to reduce the incidents of violent crime against members of the Indian community.

Muslim women's council of Victoria University

VU accommodates the Australia Islamic Women's Council at St Albans campus. The group offers VU students and community member's appropriate resources including lessons in Arabic and English.

The Sir Zelman Cowen Centre (SZCC) has expertise in working with multicultural and multi-faith communities. SZCC hosts a range of events and specialised faith-based training programs.

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