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Students, Infrastructure & Digital Technologies

Customer Service & Student Communication, ITS (Information Technology Services) and Student Administration and Facilities are the key areas of this portfolio.

Vice President

Professor Richard Constantine, Vice President Students, Infrastructure & Digital Technologies, has been leading Victoria University’s journey in creating a digital campus.

This will enable students to achieve their full potential through the innovative adoption of leading edge technology.

Student Services


Director, Student Services: Naomi Dempsey.

Contact: naomi.dempsey@vu.edu.au, +61 3 9919 4679

Student Life & Wellbeing

General Manager: Robyn Shilton.

Contact: robyn.shilton@vu.edu.au, +61 3 9919 8562

Student Advisory & Customer Service

Associate Director: Leon Kerr

Contact: leon.kerr@vu.edu.au, +61 3 9919 6260



Director, Facilities: Kevin McCarthy

Contact: kevin.mccarthy@vu.edu.au, +613 9919 5012

Capital Planning

Associate Director, Capital Planning: Jim Eaton

Contact: jim.eaton@vu.edu.au, +613 9919 9400

Information Technology Services (ITS)

Executive Director

Executive Director, Information Technology Services (ITS): Zoran Sugarevski

IT Applications

Director, IT Applications: Neville Caine

Contact: neville.caine@vu.edu.au, +61 3 99195695

IT Infrastructure and Customer Services

Director, IT Infrastructure and Customer Services: Ville Laakso

Contact: ville.laakso@vu.edu.au, +61 3 99195593

ITS Security, Risk and Assurance

Director, ITS Security, Risk and Assurance: Nitin Singh

Contact: nitin.singh@vu.edu.au, +61 3 99195849

Project Management Office (PMO)

Director, PMO: Jeremy Hodgson

Contact: jeremy.hodgson@vu.edu.au, +61 3 99195560

Program Director

Program Director, ITS: Lachlan Cameron

Contact: lachlan.cameron@vu.edu.au, +61 3 99195798

Student Administration


Director, Student Administration: Louise Batchelor

Contact: louise.batchelor@vu.edu.au, +61 3 99195333

Business Support & Reporting

General Manager: Sandra Thompson

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