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Planning, Registrar & University Secretary

The Vice-President Planning, Registrar and University Secretary, Ms Teresa Tjia, oversees institutional planning and governance. The portfolio provides analysis, advice and services to ensure the University meets its regulatory obligations and to enable the senior leadership of the University to plan and monitor its strategic and operational goals.


Vice-President Planning, Registrar and University Secretary: Teresa Tjia

Governance & planning

Planning & Analysis

Director, Planning and Analysis: Dr Bruce Carroll

Contact: bruce.carroll@vu.edu.au, +61 3 99195649

Governance & Secretariat

Manager: Michael Levandowski

Legal Services


Manager: Michelle MacDonald

Contact: michelle.macdonald@vu.edu.au, +61 3 99194774

Risk Management & Internal Audit

Manager: Robert Lee

Contact: robert.lee1@vu.edu.au, +61 3 9919 5202


Project Manager: Sofia Moisidis

Contact: sofia.moisidis@vu.edu.au, +61 3 99194872

Student Matters Office

Manager: Vacant

Children's Services Coordinators

Organisation chart

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