Academic Board Membership

The Academic Board is composed of ex-officio members and internal members including teaching and research staff, professional staff and students.

Chairperson: Associate Professor Tom Clark
Phone: +61 3 9919 2196
Email: [email protected]

Deputy Chairperson: Associate Professor Randall Robinson
Phone: +61 3 9919 2885
Email: [email protected]

Two members elected by and from each teaching and research staff from each College:

Two members elected by and from teaching and research staff who work in organisational units other than a College:

Four members elected by and from professional staff:

  • Karen Sievewright
  • Sarah Purnell
  • Elizabeth McCarthy
  • Jessica Serpiello.

One member elected by and from Indigenous staff:

  • Karen Jackson.

One student elected by and from enrolled in each of the following courses of study:

  • Alice Growden (higher education degree by coursework)
  • Cara Brown (higher degree by research)
  • Vacant (formerly Claire Farley, Vocational and/or Further Education)
  • Mughees Raza (onshore international students).

The Vice-Chancellor as the University's Chief Academic Officer:

  • Adam Shoemaker

Six members of staff who hold positions determined by the Vice-Chancellor after consultation with the Academic Board:

Up to four Co-opted Members:

Academic Board Functions

  • report to, and advise the Council on issues relating to the academic and educational activities of the University;
  • to provide governance oversight of:
  1. the maintenance of academic standards, including mechanisms for external input in accordance with international conventions for good academic practice;
  2. policy matters relating to teaching, learning, research and knowledge exchange;
  3. the promotion of good teaching, learning, research practices and knowledge exchange;
  4. quality assurance in teaching, learning, research and knowledge exchange within the University;
  5. course approvals;
  6. learning, teaching, research and knowledge exchange involving partners and third parties.
  • Any other functions conferred by University legislation.

Academic Board meetings

The Academic Board meetings commence at 9am and are held at the Footscray Park Campus.

  • Wednesday 3 February
  • Wednesday 3 March
  • Wednesday 7 April
  • Wednesday 5 May
  • Wednesday 2 June
  • Wednesday 4 August
  • Wednesday 1 September
  • Wednesday 6 October
  • Wednesday 3 November
  • Wednesday 1 December

Committees of Academic Board

The following committees report to the Academic Board to advise on academic standards and related regulatory matters:

Academic Board legislation & important documents

Academic Board legislation and important documents provide additional information and procedures: