Victoria University is regulated by the Victoria University Act 2010 which confers powers upon its peak governing bodies to administer the business, performance and strategy of the University.

The University is governed by:

  • Council: the formally constituted governing body that oversees and is accountable for all of the University's operations.
  • Vice-Chancellor: the CEO who manages the day-to-day business of the University.
  • Academic Board: the body established to assure the quality of the University's teaching, learning and research.

University Governance sits in the Office of the Vice Chancellor.

Governance & Secretariat Unit

The Governance and Secretariat Unit is responsible for managing many of the governance functions of the University, principally through advice and support of the University's governance bodies.

We are responsible for:

  • supporting the peak University Governance bodies (University Council and Academic Board) and their committee and membership requirements
  • facilitating the Student Appeals Process
  • facilitating the administration of the VC's Awards
  • managing elections for the Council and Academic Board
  • providing advice on governance issues.

Honorary Awards

An honorary award is the highest honour conferred by the University. VU acknowledges and honours outstanding or significant personal achievement and/or outstanding or significant contributions to the community or the University through the conferral or granting of the following range of awards:
Honorary Doctorate
An honorary degree, conferred upon an individual who has achieved an outstanding contribution in an area of education or research (whether or not the person has graduated at a university) or in community service.

Companion of the University
An honorary award, in the form of a Medal, conferred upon an individual who has contributed to the University or the wider community in a significant manner.

Vice-Chancellor’s Service Medal
An honorary award, in the form of a medal, conferred upon a University staff, typically upon retirement, in recognition of outstanding service beyond the requirements of their position.

Please read the Honorary Awards Procedure prior to submitting a nomination.

How to nominate

Nominations open 1 February 2023.

The online Honorary Awards Nomination Form must be completed and submitted by 5pm on 14 February 2023 to commence the process.

Important Note

In accordance with the Honorary Awards Procedure:

  • (12) All honorary doctorate nominations are strictly confidential. The person being nominated should not be advised of their nomination unless and until an award is approved. Once Council has approved the nomination and the nominee has accepted the honour, the University community and the nominator will be informed.
  • (16f) Due to the need for strict confidentiality, nominators for Honorary Doctorates and Companion of the University Awards should not seek letters of support or references. The Office of the Vice-Chancellor, on behalf of the committee, will contact the nominator should it require further information.

Honorary Doctorate
Honorary Doctorate nominations are considered by the Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor’s Group, followed by the Academic Board then recommended to the Nominations Committee before Council approval is sought.

Companion of the University 
Companion of the University nominations are considered by the Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor’s Group, followed by Nominations Committee before Council approval is sought.

Vice-Chancellor's Service Medal
Vice-Chancellor’s Service Medals are considered by the Vice-Chancellor’s Group before being determined by the Vice-Chancellor.


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