Applying for an honours program

All applications for the Honours program must be submitted online. The application link and closing date are displayed on the course pages.

Undertaking an Honours degree provides the opportunity to extend your undergraduate degree work and attain a higher qualification.

It will develop further your capacity for informed, conceptual thinking and you will gain greater understanding of the main theories relevant to your chosen discipline of study.

Honours students will also develop research skills and learn to analyse and write at a more abstract and theoretical level in a 10,000-15,000 word thesis.

Courses with honours programs

There is currently one honours course offered by the College:

Organise an honours supervisor

Once you've decided to do an honours program from one of those listed in this section, you need to organise a supervisor for your honours project.

You will need to include the name of your honours supervisor within your online application in the 'Statement of Interest' section.

Your application must indicate the name(s) of staff members who have indicated their willingness to supervise the project.

Other honours projects

If you are interested in any of the projects in this section of the website as a potential Honours thesis, please contact the staff member(s) listed.

Honours program groups are:

There may also be other projects available that we have not listed here. If you are interested in any of the other wide range of research disciplines within the College then contact one of the staff members associated with a particular research discipline to ascertain what other Honours projects may be on offer.

Eligibility criteria for honours

The three main criteria for eligibility are:

  1. completion of one of the College's Bachelor degrees (or equivalent at another tertiary institution)
  2. A minimum of 'C' average across the last year of study (and preferably Distinction level in the area of research interest)
  3. Confirmed supervision by a member of staff in the College who is actively engaging in research and has a higher research degree.

Scholarships & general applications

Scholarship applications have now closed.

General applications for places in the Honours program will be accepted up until 9 February 2018.

Contact us

General enquiries about the Honours program can be directed to the Honours Coordinator, Dr Aaron Petersen at