Honours in Law

Studying honours in law at Victoria University does not require an additional year, the core units required for honours can be taken during your Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree.

There is no doubt that graduating with honours is a personal achievement and it also improves your employability in the highly competitive legal market.


Law courses accepting honours applications

The following law courses accept honours applications:

Apply for honours

Depending on when you commence your course, there are different methods of applications.

Students commencing in 2015

You can transfer your course into honours when you have 10 law units (BLB or LLW units) or less left to complete your Bachelor of Law (LLB) course (usually your second last year of your course).

Note that cross-institutional subjects are not counted.  

Ensure that the following units are undertaken during your course:

Note that LLW5900 Advanced Legal Research Methods and LLW5901 Advanced Legal Research Dissertation are new units embedded within the LLB(Hons) course beginning 2016. You should keep two law electives free while studying your initial LLB course, so that when you transfer to the honours course, you are able to take these required research units.

Contact the College professional staff to apply.

Students who commenced their LLB course prior to 2015

To graduate with honours, you must meet the eligibility criteria, including the completion of the Advanced Research Dissertation unit.

  1. To apply to study the Advanced Research Dissertation unit, ensure you have 10 units or less left to complete your LLB course (usually in your last or second last year of your course) and your BLB units meet the required Grade Point Average (GPA).
  2. Contact the Dissertation Coordinator (Associate Professor Lidia Xynas) who will check your eligibility based on your GPA.

Eligibility criteria to study Advanced Research Dissertation

You must meet the minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) requirements based on the best two thirds of your BLB subjects (cross-institutional subjects are not counted).

Grade Point Averages

  • GPA 5 is equivalent to Result Code H3
  • GPA 6 is equivalent to Result Code H2B
  • GPA 7 is equivalent to Result Code  H2A
  • GPA 8 is equivalent to Result Code H1.

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